Nope! I won’t stop calling out cultural appropriation when I see it


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Nope! I won’t stop calling out cultural appropriation when I see it

I don’t give a damn if you’re sick of it

There's something I have to address for a second. People (of various races) are starting to weary with every announcement when a non person of color or celebrity is called out for wearing culture as costume. When Zac Efron made his comeback to Instagram in dreads, saying it was "just for fun", there were some commenters who disagreed with the haircut and then some who full on defended it, but the people I'm more concerned about are the ones telling naysayers of cultural appropriation to shut up.

Some call us the cultural appropriation police

This may be the only form of policing that actually acknowledges real injustice and it also won't get my Black ass shot and killed, so for that, I'm on board.

"Policing" isn't quite what I'd call it, because actual change and some form of punishment would have to come from it. But now, we know better than to think Kim Kardashian rocking Fulani braids will have any actual repercussions.

We educate, and as much as those calling us "police" hate education, that doesn't mean you won't be getting this woke degree. The more we stay silent on incidents like Gigi Hadid wearing an afro or in Blackface, we're condoning the behavior. And I didn't go years being called a nigger to my face for wearing box braids so wealthy white people could do it "for fun".

Black people are still getting the police called on them just for existing

Having the police called on you just for living your life while minding your own fucking business is just a testament to the fact that America's racism is still breathing perfectly fine.

The two Black men waiting for their friend at Starbucks, Permit Patty, and the Black mother accused of trespassing at a public pool are just some of the many cases in which white people have shown they're still uncomfortable with us despite having had a charismatic Black president for eight years. Just think about that for a second. We entrusted a Black man with our country, but you're still wasting taxpayer money to try and get us got? Okay, hun.

It's frustrating to see the pattern arise all because one (orange) man showed his ass and people ate it up, only to regret it.

Ignorance is bliss

Blessed be to those who don't fear for their lives just to be themselves. That's not to say everybody doesn't stuggle in some way or another, however, there are clear systems in place for some to fail and others to succeed. That's why things like cultural appropriation deserves a whistle blow.

It's unfortunate that we live in a world where not everyone is treated fairly, which is why saying "hey, that's fucked up considering you have the privilege to not experience what they do for doing the exact same thing" deserves attention. And it will always deserve attention until the playing field is even. Until then, I'll stay bitching.

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