We found ’em: The last remaining beauty bloggers with their original faces


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We found ’em: The last remaining beauty bloggers with their original faces

Can we all stop pretending we’ve got Kim K cheekbones lol

Before begging us to like, comment and subscribe to their channels, the beauty gurus taking over pop culture were basic binches you've probably passed in your local mall a million times. But the YouTube makeup game can be a lucrative one, and the fame brings with it the temptation (and money) to chisel your face into whatever the visage du jour is. Call it Instagram Face — and everyone with clout on social media wants it.

Unfortunately, as a young face-beater, I don't have the funds to inject my face — and neither do you (probably). I ventured out into the darkest corners of the internet to find you some new inspo, though: gurus with their natural faces. Well, without obvious work, anyway.

Katy (aka Lustrelux)


Although Katy has gotten her boobs done, she hasn't laid one needle or knife near her money-making face. She used to work at Target for crying out loud! Imagine being the only person in housewares with bloody bandages on your face. The only fake thing on her are those double d's, and who can fault her for that? I want 'em too!

Jackie Aina


Jackie Aina is my melanin queen, and she's not had a lick of chemicals stuck into her eyes, lips or face. One of the few Black beauty YouTubers, Jackie is great at giving the most honest reviews of her products and is actually brave enough to start her makeup tutorials without her eyebrows on. Real recognizes real, after all.

Desi Perkins


If you don't know Desi, you must be residing in the dumpster behind the football field because she's another one of the few beauty gurus who embraces her gawd-given face, surprisingly. If you have some natural imperfections, you can relate to Desi. Her upper lip is actually proportional to her bottom lip and she's maintained her larger than life nostrils. Put some respeck on her face, ya'll. Slaying without a lick of Juvaderm. Praise her!

Makeup Shayla


9 times out of 10, being Black is a lip filler. Shayla is another makeup artist from the dying art form of a natural face beat. Her weaves may be the only fake thing on her, unless she's buying bundles of Remy of course. She's never publicized having anything done, and that's plausible seeing as she still has well-defined cheekbones and a flat semi-masculine forehead.

Julie G


Julie G has hung on to her prominent nose and cute, tiny lips — and for that, I'm thankful. Watching tutorials by natural gals allow us ugly people to see the true power of makeup magic. Doing any kind of cut crease looks just as difficult for her as it is me, and it that alone gives me hope. Going from beast to beauty are the lesson plans we budding makeup mavens deserve.

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