Are Instagram questions anonymous?


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Are Instagram questions anonymous?

Building my fan club, so I need to know

Instagram rolled out its latest interactive Instagram questions sticker feature to make Instagram stories engaging as hell (and so you know who really fucks with you), but are Instagram questions anonymous? Should you tell a girl her head is shaped like an almond, or will she know it's you and blast you in her story?!

First of all, obviously you should ask the question

Who cares if it's mean! It's fun and engaging. If you're old enough to remember the days of Ask.FM, you know what I'm talking about. The Instagram questions sticker is searchable in the Instagram swipe up feature where you can find the questions stickers next to the poll and rating stickers.

All the tools to gain massive online fame

When you scroll up to get your gifs, tempertures and geo stickers, you'll find that Instagram questions can't be anonymous.

I recently obtained one of the shades from Too Faced's Born This Way collaboration with Jackie Aina and pitched a question on whether or not the darker shade matched my face.

And then as soon as my viewers began to view, the answers came rolling in.

Instagram answers are NOT anonymous!

Just like finding out where to see who answered your poll, you can find out exactly who viewed your story and who answered your Instagram poll. When you slide up while viewing your own story, you'll see all the real ones who answered your question.

The answers to your Instagram questions will show up in a personal direct message in your Instagram inbox, and then it will also show up in your list of viewers.

In addition to seeing who answered your question, you can also share the responses to your question in your Instagram story as well.

When you click on each response, you'll have the option to either share or delete the response to said question. But don't be an asshole and give your friends the clout. If they have enough decency t o take time out of their day to reply to you, you can do the bare mininmum (like you and I always do) and hook them up with the plug. Cheers to becoming Instagram famous!

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