We asked girls for their weirdest turn-ons — and they did NOT disappoint


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We asked girls for their weirdest turn-ons — and they did NOT disappoint

Y’all are insane

I've come to the realization that what turns me on most are not normal for most people. A guy who can tickle my fancy (and…other bits) can sometimes make my body do some pretty wild things. But since I don't want to be alone with all my freaky turn-ons, I sought out out babe readers and some of the darker corners of the internet to gather the world's wildest kinks.

As it turns out, my bananas turn-ons can't even compare to some of these.


Call me crazy, but I get weirdly turned on by pictures of soapy wheels on a car. If it's late at night and one of those cleaning infomercials comes on where they clean the wheels of a truck, I may or may not have put my hand down my pants. It's creepy, but it's hot to me.


My man will sometimes bite my arms and elbows for me from time to time. It’s feels so relaxing, and if he does it just right I’m like, gushing.


Myself to be honest. Is that too self-centered? Like I'm confident in my body and if I look at myself in the mirror for too long, I start to get that weird feeling in my lower belly. Sometimes it'll happen right when I get out of the shower to be honest. I'm one hot chick and I didn't even know it until my panties were wet.


I had to stop watching Kangaroo Jack. Don't ask me why, but there's something sexy about them. I don't act on my impulses, though. It's just wrong, but I thought the character was really hot. And if you remember that video of a guy punching a kangaroo in Australia, I almost broke my computer because it had me that upset.


Two words: Melted cheese. Gross, right? But the way it looks is so slimy and weird that it genuinely gets me hot and bothered whenever I get fondu at a restaurant. If ever I order it, I make sure that my man or fuck buddy is somewhere nearby.


When he’s doing paperwork or calculating bills that have to be paid and filling out invoices, it just does something to me. I just want to push everything off the table and say "take me now!"


Although it may sound crazy and painful I love having my nipples twisted. Pleasure is nothing without pain, you know?


It turns me on when a man has good taste in food and likes to eat. Like I literally get wet when I hear “You hungry?” Whenever we go somewhere, I observe what he orders or what places he picks out to eat at.

I was on a date at a hibachi restaurant once and he told me to order whatever I want. I literally wanted to rip his shirt off and fuck him right in the middle of the restaurant. I can’t stand a “I only eat at Olive Garden & Applebee’s” dude.

But like, daddy, you can have this for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, baby.


I swear, anytime my girlfriend wears a ponytail, I lose all sense of thinking. I'm almost positive she knows and does it on purpose. She thinks it's because it looks like a penis and I'm bi, but then she forgets all about it once I start having her for dinner.


My man will start tickling me, and then we’ll start play fighting. After a few minutes of that nonsense, shit gets reals and it’ll turn into sex. However, if he starts tickling my feet, I will straight up kick him in the face.


So this one's weird, but there's a reason I like beards so much. My boyfriend has a beard and he’ll rub it on me sometimes, and it’s weird that it turns me on but it seriously does me good.



Anyone in skull makeup. It could be because of that episode of American Horror Story, but Halloween is my favorite time of the year because all the guys have hallowed cheekbones and creepy faces all the time. I'd honestly let Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas smash anyday. Sad.

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