Sign up for Amber Rose’s SlutBox if you love makeup, vibrators and giving a fuck about politics


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Sign up for Amber Rose’s SlutBox if you love makeup, vibrators and giving a fuck about politics

This reformed slut votes!

I'm a sucker, so of course I'm privy to the contents of many a subscription box. It was almost a relief when I lost my debit card last week because it forced me to physically evaluate every single thing I'm being auto-charged for monthly. But I think Amber Rose might just've convinced me to type in my brand-new PIN.

So she's got a subscription box, the aptly-named SlutBox, and it's filled with the standard ~empowered~ female things you'd find in most of them like CBD-infused lube and cute sunglasses and rose-hued lip-liners all curated to help you lead your prettiest, sluttiest life. But Amber Rose doesn't just talk the slut talk — she walks the Slut Walk. And this month (themed "Let Freakdom Ring" lmao), her sex-positive Slut Walk rally and her sex-positive SlutBox are teaming up with the presumably sex-positive voter registration non-profit HeadCount to get you sluts to the voting booth.

Inside every SlutBox, HeadCount placed a national voter registration form, an envelope to mail it back to your state board of election, and a post card that declares #ThisSlutVotes. That way we can, you know, effect actual change instead of whining about it on Twitter.

That's HeadCount's whole thing: getting young people to vote via things we'd probably be doing anyway, like going to a Beyoncé concert or signing up for subscription boxes filled with vibrating lip balm. To put it into numbers (which I always hate to do unless they're in my bank account but stick with me), 8 million kids have turned 18 since Donald Trump was elected. Only 55 percent of you dingbats under 24 are even registered to vote. So just do me a favor and register to vote, OK? It takes like 10 minutes — and your boss legally has to let you leave work to vote. Stretch it into half a day and claim the line was really long! I won't tell.

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