Meet Carlie Hanson, the singer you’ll be hooked on all summer…and all fall…and all year, really


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Meet Carlie Hanson, the singer you’ll be hooked on all summer…and all fall…and all year, really

Her music? BIG mood!

From the opinions of my mama to the unapologetic critics on Twitter, it's established that music isn't what it once was 10 years ago — but 18-year-old artist Carlie Hanson is changing my mind with her too cool-toned tunes perfect for everything from chilling by the pool to keying your trifling ex's convertible.

Carlie's name isn't splattered across billboards in Time Square, nor is she opening The Carters' tour. However, she's already been declared a fave of Taylor Swift and is currently an opener for Troye Sivan's Bloom tour. Remind me again what you were doing before you could legally get into a bar?

Carlie's a laid-back, small-town girl from Wisconsin — just with incredible musical taste and talent

Carlie and her friends grew up listening to a lot of Soundcloud and underground rap like Lil Skies, but it surprisingly isn't her biggest musical influence. "When I first started going out to LA to meet my manager, I was listening to pop like Taylor Swift and Katie Perry — like true pop," she explains. "Which is weird because my inspiration is Justin Bieber and he’s like, major pop," she says. "Like as pop as it got for me."

Like fellow Gen Z-er Bieber, Carlie was discovered through her YouTube channel

She uploaded a cover of Pillowtalk by Zayn for an iHeart Radio concert to see him live. Carlie had uploaded covers to her channel before, this one really took off. Although her submission wasn't selected for the contest, she'd did manage over to win some producers who peeped her talent. From there, she headed out to Canada with her mom to write in-studio for the first time, and eventually came to find her sound.

After building up a team of managers and producers, she met Troye Sivan

Who also got his start on YouTube, funnily enough. "When my last single Why Did You Lie came out, my manager introduced me to Troye and his boyfriend who wound up shooting the cover for 'Why Did You Lie' and my song 'Only One'," Carlie says. "So, from the early beginnings, I just had a good relationship with Troye, and it was kind of like a no brainer for me to open for him" she explained screeching in excitement.

Also, who doesn't want a cosign from Taylor Swift?

Every few months, Taylor Swift curates a playlist of her current favorite songs. For artists on the list, it can mean bigger opportunities, more streams, and even album and single sales boosts. "I was at lunch with a friend when it happened and my manager calls me and she’s like, 'Carlie, are you sitting down? Uh, Taylor Swift just added ‘Only One’ to her favorite songs playlist.'" She couldn't even believe it at first. "'It blew my mind. It was like the craziest thing for sure."

Like most of us, she's still learning how to not to give a fuck

Babe asked Carlie what she does to separate herself from the competition in the music industry, and frankly, she doesn't do much to try and please anyone.

"I guess what we’ve been focusing on is just putting out my music, dropping single after single and not really, like, thinking about what to put out next or like what genre it might be in." Carlie explains that she doesn't want to be put in any single box, and that's why she has yet to be featured on a big, mainstream track. "I haven’t done any features because I don’t want to be in any kind of category yet. I just want people to hear my music and think whatever they want."

Carlie admits even she sometimes struggles with own confidence, especially as a girl, but thinks it's more or less the secret to success. "I think the future of women is going to be amazing. Confidence is definitely key."

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