‘It’s not me…it’s you’: How to breakup with someone you love in person


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‘It’s not me…it’s you’: How to breakup with someone you love in person

Your pain must end at some point

Once you've passed the 6-month mark in your relationship, you owe it them an in-person breakup. Many have (and will) take the easy way out, shooting the soon-to-be ex a text, voicemail or, if you're lucky, an actual phone call. It's tough being the bitch you've been rehearsing to be your whole life, but this is how to breakup with someone you love in the flesh.

Hit them with the "We need to talk"

They're the four words any partner would start heaving about after hearing them. There's an unspoken understanding that they know what time it is and you're ready to have a serious discussion where you talk and they listen.

Indicating that something serious is about to happen makes your tough job a little less tough because you haven't blurted out the exact words. Giving them the phrase that will soon lead to the death of the realationship is like basing the turkey before taking a slice out of the thigh.

Be honest

It damn well may be the last conversation you have right before bailing on the current relationship or any future relationship you may have with that person down the line, so don't refrain from speaking your brutal truth. Not only do you want to ensure they understand how you felt about the pairing, but so that you limit the chances they commit the same crimes they did with you for the next broad.

Ending things with my first serious boyfriend was hard because I don't know how to deal with cry babies (and he fucking weeped). Don't let the tears set you back from finishing what you started. You're best to prepare for the tears that may fall the second you start speaking

When you've finished the heart-breaking, listen to them

When you're about to throw a grenade at the relationship and set fire to the old you, take a moment to hear their views and why they might have also been over your bullshit.

The fact of the matter is you may have been just as much a burden on their lives as they were on yours. And if they don't meet you half way with the breakup and start begging and pleading for you to stay in that emotionally draining shit show of a relationship, hear them out as to why you should. Nostalgia is one hell of a drug and as cliche as it sounds, you never know what you've got until it's gone, so choose your breakups with your brain still entact.

Try ending on amicable terms

It's a lot more work hating your ex than it is to like them. Granted, you don't have to keep in touch with them no matter what the outcome of the breakup, if you happen to attend the same places, it might be best to be friends and feel awkwardness as opposed to hatred.

Another perk to breaking up on good terms is that there may be potential in hooking up again. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes breakups too.

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