Please come drag BeautyBlender for their 50 shades of white foundation


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Please come drag BeautyBlender for their 50 shades of white foundation

Have you not seen what RiRi’s been doing?

You would think that after all these celebrity cosmetic brands dropped a wide range of foundation shades, that other brands would hop on the inclusion bandwagon, right? Nah, because the BeautyBlender makeup shades are launching and they're all, well…mostly white.

BeautyBlender is a brand that's not giving into to the inclusion trend as the makeup sponge developers are being slammed for its "variety" of darker shade foundations, or lack thereof.

Twitter lost it

What in the Fenty is this tragic mess? Out of 32 shades—thirty-twoBeautyBlender managed to give POC a sliver of the collection. There are about 3 rows (24 shades to be exact) dedicated to fairer tones while seven are dedicated to the melanin. In other words, the crumbs of a foundation range.

I'm going to need BeautyBlender to wake the fuck up and visit NYC because it's absurd for a makeup brand to ignore the (much more aware of blackness) brands flourishing in the beauty market and continue to keep serving fairer tones the bigger slice of the pie. This is not what we asked for. Please put your 2007 makeup mentality back to where you found it.

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