Hey Bigfoot, you tryna smash? ????


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Hey Bigfoot, you tryna smash? ????

The weirdest political news of today

If Bigfoot texted you at 3 AM asking if u up, would you invite him over?

How about now, after seeing this picture of Bigfoot's skrong dick?

Look at Bigfoot's dick! Even with the censor bar over it, it comes down to his knees. Bigfoot's dick puts even the other big dick monsters (Abominable Snowman, Loch Ness Monster, Pete Davidson) to shame.

Bigfoot's girthy dick, which no doubt falls with a heavy splat onto the floor when he takes his pants off – thwack! – has been imagined by Denver Riggleman, a Republican competing in Virginia's 5th Dickstrict (sorry). As an appreciator of the fictional monster peen, Riggleman is running for office and writing a book called Mating Habits of Bigfoot in which he promises: "I hide nothing in this magnificent tome." ??

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