With the full moon behind you, here’s your horoscope for a fresh start


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With the full moon behind you, here’s your horoscope for a fresh start

Plus a little more

New Moons send our life soaring in brand new, exciting directions. Hopefully you're already feeling its impact on you right now. But if you feel unaffected still, don't fret. It's probably working its lunar magic right now and you just haven't realized it yet.

Sometimes it takes someone else opening our eyes for us. Here's everything your sign can expect this week:


With the full moon behind you, what have you learned? Does your life have a new direction? This week, you will be charged with the energy to pursue any new goals or wishes. On Wednesday, Mars squares Uranus, which will give you a burst of creative and inventive energy. Thursday, Mars sextiles Chiron, the asteroid of deep emotional wounds. You will attempt to heal those who have hurt you in the past, and move on with those in your future. Remember, Mercury is still in retrograde, so be on the lookout. This week, take chances and follow your instincts.


Last week was filled with a wealth of emotions for you and this week could mean more of the same. Starting today, the sun semi square Venus, which will make the things (or people) you find a pleasure to be irresistible. You will be drawn to their energy and won’t be able to avoid them. With the Mercury retrograde in Leo, you will be even more inclined to avoid matters of the self and indulge. Don’t forget the things you learned from the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse. This week: have fun, but don’t go overboard.


Has the retrograde totally messed up your life yet? This is the time to get your ducks in a row because Mercury has another surprise for you. On Saturday, Mercury will quincunx Pluto, and this will lead to some self discovery. You may feel insecure about some decisions and memories of the past and Mercury Retrograde in Leo, the sign of egotism, may only intensify this. The New Moon/ Lunar Eclipse may have brought on a realization you feel insecure about. Try to use this as a time for personal growth. This week, put on a face mask and eat some pizza. Relax a bit and reflect.


The Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon was a major event that had a major impact on you, whether you realize it or not. Your life will go down a new path, or maybe there's a new element on the path you’re already down. It would be smart to find out what it is, and find it a place in your world. On Saturday, the moon will enter its Last Quarter phase, a phase centered on reorientation and transition. This is definitely the time for finding what is in store for you and starting a new journey. This week, figure out what you want and embark on the journey.


With the Sun in Leo, you’re still the center of attention — but this means all of your astrological placements are intensified. Today, with the Sun semi square Venus, you will be drawn to all things romantic and feminine. You will want to text back all the boys you left on read, and watch your favorite rom-coms. Don’t move too fast. With the Mercury retrograde in your sign, you will find communications that deal with personal matters to be messed up. You may say something you don’t mean,or something you regret. This week, go out and flirt…and stop at flirting.


Learn anything interesting from the Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon? Last week was a time for looking at your past and seeing what you felt about it. This week, you will put what you have learned into causes you care about. On Tuesday, Jupiter will sextile Ceres, and you will have the desire to nurture those around you and provide for them. On Sunday, Neptune will square Ceres, you will find your tasks surrounded by possibilities and fantasies. You might get carried away in the fantasies of what could be or what should be. This week, stay grounded and stick to your conventions. Don’t give too much of yourself away.


Last week, Venus aspects had you feeling like you couldn’t get love off of the mind, and I regret to inform you that this week could be more of the same. The Sun going semi square with Venus today will have you drawn to romantics and the idea of indulgence. You will feel extra hungry this week; not only for your favorite foods and clothes, but for love and intimacy. If you are single, you may be unable to shake the latter. This week, don’t give into your desires so easily. Think about consequences.


Scorpios feel more than almost every other sign, so the Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon took a pretty big toll on your emotions. Emotions will continue to be a major part of your life as Mars goes sextile with Chiron. You will think about past loves specifically and wonder what could’ve been. This with the Mercury quincunx with Pluto, you may feel like you’ve made nothing but mistakes. Don’t worry so much Scorpio. You have a magnetic energy that will only spike as the week goes on. This week, let the past die. Go out to make a future.


I hope you accomplished a lot last week because this week will have you tied down in another project. On Tuesday, Jupiter will Sextile Ceres and you will be drawn to a cause that's close to your heart. You will have the desire to nurture this cause and put yourself as the one who will make it succeed. Don’t get too caught up in your own drive. With the Mercury retrograde in Leo, you will have a hard time thinking about others and will refuse to share the burden of your hard work. This week, take on things as a team.


You may find that your good luck has extended into this week as the stars have decided to go easy on you yet again. On Saturday, the Last Quarter Moon will focus itself on rearranging your emotional train of thought in a way beneficial to you. You'll finally get the clarity you have been craving, and you may come across some good news along with it. The Mercury retrograde in Leo will have you feeling like a homebody this week, as it moves into your 4th house. This week, stay home and enjoy yourself. The party will come to you soon enough.


The Lunar Eclipse/ Full moon should have revealed a great desire or awakening for you. If not, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin working on things you have always wanted to try. On Wednesday, Mars will square Uranus, and you will be focused on projects you’ve long put off. Always wanted to try baking? Learn another language? Organize your closet? Now is the time to do it. This week: Put your mind to a task.


Last week was a time of personal growth for Pisces, with you taking time away from the drama of the world. This week, you find yourself back in the center of said drama. On Sunday, Neptune will square off with Ceres and you will be drawn to those around you who are feeling emotionally needy. You may have the need to nurture and be the shoulder to cry on. As a Pisces, this is your area of expertise as water signs are the best at tapping into their emotions. This week: Be there for your friends and provide some support.