These YouTubers are poisoning their girlfriends with laxatives to humiliate them for views


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These YouTubers are poisoning their girlfriends with laxatives to humiliate them for views

These ‘prank videos’ are actual abuse

Over the past year, there's been an explosion of videos entitled “LAXATIVE PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND!!!” Though there are slight variations, each video is more or less the same. The male YouTuber slips a laxative into his unsuspecting girlfriend’s food or drink and then records her reaction, hours later, as she doubles over in agony and rushes to the toilet.

PSA: Putting 'EXTREMELY FUNNY' in the title does not, in fact, make your video funny

Though it takes a psychopathic level of disdain for the welfare of a fellow human being to even think about doing such a horrific thing, much less actually go through with it, some of these trash YouTubers express belated remorse when they realize they fucked up and actually did some major damage to their girlfriends’ health and wellbeing — to which I say, no fucking shit?

One dude named Morgz starts feeling guilty the moment his girlfriend starts to actually experience discomfort — although it remains unclear what the fuck he thought was going to happen when he fed her laxatives. "I feel really bad," he says into the camera as his girlfriend heads to the bathroom. "I didn’t mean to actually hurt her. I have to break the news and tell her what I’ve done."

The moment Morgz realized he fucked up

Another guy from the YouTube channel Nique & King doesn’t really express remorse about the prank itself, but rather worries briefly that he gave his girlfriend Nique too high of a dosage. “I think I put too much in there,” King says as his girlfriend uses the bathroom for a long time, an outcome that somehow shocks him. When she finally comes out, looking extremely upset, he apologizes to her and says, “I’m sorry, I think I put too much in.”

But then there are some particularly cruel YouTubers who seem to derive some sick pleasure from watching their loved ones scream and writhe in pain. It’s not enough to feed their girlfriend a laxative against her will and cause her intense pain — no, they must also go above and beyond to humiliate her on camera for clicks and views.

  • In a particularly disturbing video posted by The BANKS Family, a YouTuber named Ronnie sprinkles laxative powder in his fiancé Jasmine's margarita at dinner. On the drive back home, she begins to feel "the worst cramps ever." At 5:13, she is in obvious discomfort and says, "Oh my god, I'm gonna shit my pants." He films her as she writhes in pain, and at 5:29 she screams at him to stop recording her. He ignores her.

    The pain is so overwhelming that she makes him pull over the car and desperately searches for a place to relieve herself. Ronnie follows closely behind her as she scrambles behind a bush. He records her — and even shines a bright light on her — as she squats and takes a shit on the ground.

    "RONNIE STOP," Jasmine screams in evident embarrassment. "Please leave!"

    Ronnie continues to record himself as he walks away from her, retching and making grossed out noises. "Oh she's really doing it!" he squeals joyfully into the camera. "I can't breathe right now!"

    Later on in the video, he records her sitting on the toilet at home. "This isn't a prank," a visibly worn out Jasmine says to him at 8:00. "This seems more like torture."

    Ronnie continues to film her as she sits on the toilet and begs him to leave her alone. "I wanna hear it," he taunts her. "Oh, you smell horrible!" At last, he turns away from her and whoops into the camera loudly. "That was a success!" he says. "Yeah, that was perfect."

  • Another YouTuber named Nyyear pulled the prank on his girlfriend Jalyn — except, apparently, it isn't enough for him that she is doubled over in pain and moaning about how much her stomach hurts. At 10:29, he pours oil all over the floor of the bathroom and says to the camera, "I wanna put this on the floor to make sure she falls. Then she's cleaning this up."

  • And yet another guy, from the joint YouTube channel Stephen & Daym, decides to not only feed his girlfriend a laxative, but also pours oil on the floor and seals the toilet with duct tape. He records her as she tearfully presses a hand against her stomach and says, "I've never felt like this before." He chuckles when she slips on the oil and falls hard on her hand. And he literally cannot stop laughing as she struggles to rip the duct tape off the toilet and hits her head on the bathtub in the process.

    These guys are putting their girlfriends' lives at risk. According to the FDA, the risks of taking too many laxatives include severe dehydration, kidney and heart damage, and even death. It goes without saying that the risk of physical injury increases if the prankster attempts to throw in other dangerous tricks such as covering the floor with oil.

    It's unclear why the fuck anyone finds it amusing to watch someone else — much less their girlfriend — suffer like this. What's even less clear why a dangerous and illegal stunt is allowed on YouTube, which has become a haven for channels dedicated to abusing kids and girlfriends.

    We contacted YouTube for comment, but they did not respond.

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