Was Snape an incel?


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Was Snape an incel?

Harry Potter was an alpha chad

The Harry Potter universe is imploding as we speak — not because it turns out Dumbledore was a nubile twink or Ginny was into pegging, but because Professor Snape was an incel! It has been PROVEN by Potter stans that Snape, who never once fucked, was in fact been at the least i) a cuck and ii) an incel. A post on a fan theory site has the irrefutable evidence.

Snape was obsessed with Lily, who cucked him to get with James

James Potter was a chad wizard who got with Lily, leaving Snape to become a basement-hog-cranking incel. Not only that, but Snape would later be humiliated by James and Lily's large-dicked son Harry, who also owns him in potions class.

A user says: "[Incels] can't accept the fact that their flaws definitely play a part in the fact that women (like Lily) choose other men (like James) over them; and they then use this rejection to justify hating women that won't give them what they want, and men that get what they want. Snape sounds like an incel to me."

'He joins a genocidal wizard after getting cucked'

As one commenter writes: "He may not view Lily as a sex object, but he doesn't treat her like a person. It never once occurs to him to care about what Lily wants, feels, or thinks. There are some similarities there. He has no self-awareness whatsoever, so he doesn't realize that he's the one that drove Lily away. He joins a genocidal wizard, and kills who knows how many people, mostly as a result of not getting Lily."

'That is literally his entire character arc'

"Snape is an old and bitter man who never got to bang the love of his life (incel), and only sticks with Dumbledore/The Order because he's pissed Voldemort killed her. That's the only reason ever stated that he sticks to the good side after being a double agent for decades."

  • 'Snape probably COULDN'T get a girlfriend if he wanted one, because he's an asshole'

    It's over for potioncels.

    'Snape was a betacuck'

    Another post: "Snape was an incel who got beat up by James Chad Potter and his crush went for James instead. The entire first 6 3/4 of the book normies hated him for being a dick until the end when they realize he wasn’t that bad."

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