Your weekly horoscope includes an unexpected, major change thanks to Mars in retrograde


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Your weekly horoscope includes an unexpected, major change thanks to Mars in retrograde

Here’s what your sign needs to know

If you've been wavering on some kind of major, life-changing decision, you can rest assured you'll finally have your answer this week.

As Mars retrograde enters Capricorn, the plates will begin to shift, and whether or not you're ready, the rug will be pulled out from under you.

Here's everything you sign needs to know:


With the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Saturday, you will be focused on using confidence to achieve your goals and tasks. On August 6th, this is a great time to move forward in a relationship as Venus trines Mars. The Mars retrograde entering Capricorn on Sunday means it's time to take a risk you’ve been long contemplating. The Mars semi-square with Neptune may lead you to be a bit disorganized in your plans. You will want to think before you act, but definitely act. This week: Text him first, but have your squad read your drafts first (Mercury is in retrograde, after all).


Love is in the air for Taurus and Libra as Venus enters into a lot of planetary alignments. The Mars trine with Venus on the 6th means you will have an itch to flirt (with anyone really). When Venus semi-squares Jupiter, you will want to get noticed by the person you’ve got your eye on. Venus quincunx Uranus tells you to keep it at flirting, since there could be troubles with turning flirting into the talking phase. The New Moon/ Solar Eclipse keeps your confidence high, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. This week: Go on some dates, but don’t go stalking their twitter right after.


Things are taking a serious role this week as the Mercury retrograde continues and Mercury aligns with the outer planets. Mercury will quincunx Pluto which may cause hostility with those around you. The Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn will lead to hypersensitivity and delays in communication, which will only be amplified by the Mercury retrograde. Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron means you may be careless in your communication and will lead to impatience. On top of all that, Mercury will quincunx Neptune, creating indecisions. This week: Lie low and avoid major decisions.


This New Moon/Solar Eclipse will be especially strong on you Cancer, not only because you are ruled by the Moon, but because the Moon will be a void-of-course moon. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse will charge you with new confidence. You should use that confidence toward starting something new, as the Moon will favor new beginnings. The Moon will go waxing after the New Moon/Solar Eclipse which is a favorable time for new beginnings. Last week we told you to find out what you want, but this week is the time to be confident and get it.


With the Sun in Leo, its effects on you are amplified. Its placements will make you feel full on energy, for better or for worse. The Sun squaring Jupiter will leave you feeling restless and with an elevated mood. With Mercury conjuncting the Sun, your mind will be sharp and you will want company to share in your good mood. The Sun going quincunx Pluto will tell you that adjustments are necessary to move forward in personal development. This week: pour that energy back into yourself and live up your week.


Always craving order, you will have a great opportunity to streamline your life. Mercury quincunx Pluto calls for re-assessments and putting the final touches on plans and projects. This will also be amplified by the Mercury sesqui quadrate Saturn, which calls for being self critical of one's decisions. Mercury conjunct the Sun means it's a great time for problem solving. This week: take time away from your daily life to work on your to do list, this time with a critical eye.


Last week was about love for others, but this week it's about loving yourself. Venus semi-square Jupiter will leave you wanting attention, but you will want to get there not through communication, but by showing off a new outfit. Mercury semi-square Venus means you may have problems with romantic communication, so don’t bother with getting your half formed thoughts just yet. Venus opposite Chiron means we notice imbalances in our romantic endeavors, and Libras hate imbalance. This week: take a break and do exactly what you want to do.


You’re going to feel like you are on defense this week, as problems with communication will lead to friction with others. Mercury quincunx Pluto will trigger hostility with others and will lead you second guessing yourself. Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron will leave you feeling hurt by outside influences, and Venus going opposite with Chiron may bring disappointing news in terms of love relationships. However, the Sun quincunx Pluto tells us that adjustments will need to be made in your thought process. This week: avoid potentially fucked up situations.


While a Sagittarius is always in the mood for parties and social gatherings, that can turn into too much of a good thing. With Venus semi-square Jupiter, you will find yourself the center of attention, and others will flock to you. The Sun square Jupiter will leave you restless and eager to join in any party you can find. With Mercury in Jupiter, however, these social gatherings will lead to gossip, and you will get an earful of multiple scandals. This week: enjoy yourself, but pay attention to who you're surrounded by.


You will find yourself stalled this week, Capricorn. Many projects will get put on hold when you really just want to be done with them all. Mercury sesqui quadrate Saturn will leave you noticing problems in your plans, and these problems will be impossible to ignore. Venus squaring Saturn leads to problems with getting what we want and leads you to wanting more for your projects, creating unhealthy perfectionism. This will only be amplified by the Sun sesqui quadrate Saturn. This week: slow down and have patience.


It’s time to let loose and lose the impulse control this week, as Mars and its retrograde move into Uranus. With Venus quincunx Uranus, impulse, spending and attractions could lead to fun this weekend as you find time to enjoy yourself. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse will leave you feeling confident, so why not go out and flaunt it? This week: buy a new outfit, go to your favorite restaurant, and live your best life before summer is over!


You may feel a bit discombobulated this week as the planets have it in for you. The sun will quincunx Neptune, making concentrating on any situation strenuous. Mars will semi-square Neptune, and this will lead to disorganization, a lack of drive, and bit of carelessness. Mercury quincunx Neptune will bring about uncertainty and indecision. All these are signs to forget about your problems for a bit. This week: ignore minor responsibilities and lie out by the pool.