Everything you wanted to know from a girl with two vaginas


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Everything you wanted to know from a girl with two vaginas

I can’t tell if this would be a blessing or a curse tbh

by Nian Hu

It's hard enough dealing with just one vagina, so imagine dealing with TWO. Sure, it might be the ultimate power move to fuck two dicks at the same time. And sure, every guy in the world would probably die to get close to your magical pussy, literally just so they could brag about it to their friends later.

But I mean, you'd probably also have to deal with TWICE the period blood. And TWICE the number of tampons. They're expensive as fuck, so yeah, I don't think so. Count me the fuck out!

A 21-year-old girl who says she was born with two vaginas took to Reddit, with the username 2isbetterthan1, to tell the rest of us what it's really like.

Everything from the outside, apparently, looks normal. The first time she realized something was a little different downstairs was when she tried to use a tampon. She said that when she was 13, she couldn't use tampons at all.

To be fair, most girls struggle majorly the first time they try to jam a tampon up there — but this lady experienced more difficulties than usual because, as a doctor discovered later, she had a one-inch thick septum that divided her vagina into two separate canals.

If shoving a tampon up there was difficult for her, then one can only imagine how fucking excruciating it must have been when a guy tried to shove his dick up there!

"It was painful with two vaginas," she said. "It got a little better after a while though. The right side was bigger than the other so we stayed to the right. I couldn't bear the pain in the left."

Her boyfriend, however, seemed unperturbed by the challenge (or conversely, not overly pleased by the novelty) of fucking a girl with two vaginas. According to the girl, he was "surprised but wasn't bothered by it at all."

While I'm a little confused that the guy wasn't more shocked and/or ecstatic to discover that his girlfriend had TWO GODDAMN VAGINAS (???) it is pretty sweet that he was so chill and normal about it. If a girl with two vaginas can find true love, then surely so can the rest of us!!

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