Which one of these women is the real Angelina Jolie?


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Which one of these women is the real Angelina Jolie?

And which ones are LIARS?

Scroll through Kim and Kylie's Instagram comments and most of it is feverish worship ("goalssss ??") or shameless self-promotion ("lb for lb"). A small percentage is dragging them for assorted face and body-altering procedures, and of course there are tons of memes like this:

But Kylie and Kim weren't the first to spawn thousands of lookalikes begging surgeons, aestheticians and cream contour sticks to get them their favorite celeb's look. No, kids these days will never know or appreciate the power of Angelina Jolie's face! Scroll to the top and look at that photo again. Which one is the real Angelina? Are you sure? Because the answer is none of them, dummies! And while I can't definitively say whether or not any of these women have undergone any kind of procedure to look like Angie (draw your own conclusions here because I definitely have), it's kind of crazy how many people are leaning into the look. Really, she was the OG Kylie — but all-natural!

CelebFace, my favorite Instagram account in the entire world, first tipped me off to this trend. When they're not exposing the fuck out of influencer and celebs for editing their photos, they're inspiring me to completely alter every natural feature I've ever had in pursuit of a star-like visage.

Is there only one Angelia Jolie? Sure, but we can all die trying.