Your fave is probably as asshole! Here’s a master list of rude celebrity encounters


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Your fave is probably as asshole! Here’s a master list of rude celebrity encounters

Dr Phil might have a skrong dick but HE is a complete dick

An ocean of tea is being spilled on this delicious thread about people's worst encounters with celebs. Regular human beings are dishing on their encounters with everyone famous from Mariah Carey (nobody is allowed to make eye contact with her) to Leonardo DiCaprio (flicked a cig at wait staff) to Hillary Swank ("pretentious bitch"). Check out the best from this viral Reddit thread below – message your own encounters to us or email [email protected].

Mariah Carey

When I was a Disney Cast member, she stayed at a resort I worked at. The set of rules and guidelines set for her were ridiculous. No one could have a room in the same floor as her (anyone who could afford to be on that floor certainly has just as much influence/status as her), we were told by her rep not to look her in the eyes directly/talk to her, etc. She was a major diva.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio flicked a cigarette at me after I told him to put it out cuz he can't smoke inside.

Beyoncé and Beyoncé's Mom

Was a personal shopper back in the day. Waited on them and have never felt so little. Acted as if I was invisible and put on this earth solely to serve them.

Dr Phil

– Ex limo driver here, Dr Phil was an anus extraordinaire, worst celeb I ever had in the rig.

– Dr Phil is a complete asshole. I worked at a big box store in Dallas where a lot of celebs would shop but Dr Phil would have us open three hours early so he and his family could shop privately. We had to stand still outside our department unless asked for help, we couldn't talk to him or even look him in the eyes.

Chris Brown

Recently had the pleasure of driving Chris Brown and his posse around for a few hours. They smoked hella blunts in the SUV and when I asked to wait until we parked Mr. Brown told me to STFU. :( Also threatened that if I touched my phone they'd throw it out the window. He put on a mask every time he got out of the vehicle, it was pretty weird and not inconspicuous at all. Finally at the end he tipped me a whole $0. Even Flavor Flav tipped at least a buck. I think Chris was arrested in the next two or three days after so I felt the karma gods showed me some pity.

James Corden

He throws his celebrity status around like it's a commodity. He was sat behind me in a theater once and made a call to a restaurant to make a reservation, loudly announcing his name and throwing a fit when he was told no can do. He demanded to speak to the manager and got his reservation.

John Elway

His plane is parked at the airport I work at, and I'm friends with an employee that works on it. Apparently, he's a huge asshole. If he finds any dirt in his jet he starts screaming at the manager and demands to speak to the employee who did the interior.

He's personally gotten several dudes fired just for a small smudge of dirt. One time someone left a fingerprint smear of grease on the engine cowling and Elway personally got the guy fired for that.

Mind you, this is NOT Elway's business. He's just a customer. Plus, when I see him walking around he just has that "asshole gait", like he owns the world. Fuck Elway.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele is notoriously bitchy. Ask anyone who's had anything to do with Broadway in the last decade and they'll tell you the same thing. She has a great work ethic but is up her own ass to the Nth degree. She thinks she's better than every other person in the room and gets pissed if you don't fawn all over her. Also has issues with men around her showing other females attention, whether it's completely platonic or not. I've seen her deny fans autographs at the stage door because she didn't like how long they were talking to her gay male costars, for fuck's sake. I know someone that worked with her on Spring Awakening that said she bitched at a teenage girl for wearing a too bright top while in the front row and refused to sign her playbill because of it.

Kenny Rodgers

Many moons ago, my dad worked at a brand new stadium. He was a spot-light operator. He's met tons of celebs and musicians. On the night Kenny Rodgers came to town, there was a girl who was terminally ill and had, like, a month to live. A young girl…. In her early teens, I think. Anyways, she had two dreams: one, to see a Kenny Rodgers show and two, to meet Kenny Rodgers. So, she goes to the show and fulfills one dream. Eventually, some stage hands and Kenny's manager gets word of a terminally ill girl at the show who wanted to meet Kenny.

Kenny absolutely refused. His stage crew, his manager, some of his friends all begged him to meet this girl and he completely refused it. Poor girl passed the following month.

Jason Aldean

I work as a lighting technician and stage crew for a large event arena, so we do the entire set up and tear down process for the show, which means we work with/run into a lot of the acts. When we were on lunch break, Jason Aldean comes into our break room and screams at us things aren’t up to his standards and that we weren’t working hard enough (we were working an 18 hour shift…) and then proceeds to dump over our ENTIRE lunch table with our food on it before we got to eat it. Fuck that.

Lance Armstrong

He used to eat at a Tex Mex restaurant I worked at during college. He had a HUGE ego, didn’t tip well, and was generally rude to the staff. I remember that he loved to rip huge farts at the table while the server was taking orders. Don’t get me wrong – farts are funny. But I guess the way he farted was a bit malicious, from the stories I heard from my coworkers. Our restaurant catered a party for him at his house. Apparently he was a dick to all the staff that was there.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I worked with her one time. I was sincerely blown away by how high of a horse she road in on. Her BF at the time (also a cunt actor) made me walk back up a flight of stairs so she could have unlimited space.

It was a small straight to DVD so it was insane how entitled she was behaving. I have dozens of other stories involving catering, private space, and just a bunch of weird PDA while looking at the crew. She crazy.

Thom Yorke

Here's why I don't like Thom Yorke: I was a massive Radiohead fan when I was younger, around 17 or 18 years old. I finally got to see them in concert in Ireland in '96 and it was a fantastic gig. I can still remember it now, 22 years later. The next day I was bumming around Dublin city, went into a vintage clothing shop and Thom Yorke was there. I went over to him and politely said "Excuse me. I just wanted to say that I was at your concert yesterday, and it was awesome." He stared me down for what seemed like forever and then replied "It's my day off," turned his back to me and walked away. In my opinion, that's being an asshole. I wasn't asking for a photo or autograph, wasn't even asking to shake his hand. I just wanted to show my appreciation and if he had simply said "thanks" before walking away, I would have been over the moon happy and gone on my merry way. So, that's why I don't like Thom Yorke.

Alec Baldwin

He was apparently a huge asshole. He spread out his legs and pushed out his chair, which tripped the waiters and waitresses even after being asked. He also wouldn’t have what everyone else was having at the meal, and forced the people running the event to call a nearby restaurant to get Alec his special meal that he wanted.

Hillary Swank

Hillary Swank is a pretentious bitch. She was filming in our small town years ago, would come I to the restaurant and order stuff that not only wasn't on the menu, but proteins we didn't even stick. We would cater to her demands by running to the store and making her special order. She never tipped and acted like her shit didn't stink.

Sam Neil

He abused waitstaff at a restaurant I used to work at 10 years ago. One of the younger girls he reduced to tears calling her a "fucking spastic" when she dropped a fork while setting the table.

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