This asshole YouTuber gets off on making his girlfriend cry for views


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This asshole YouTuber gets off on making his girlfriend cry for views

Kate, please just break up with him!

by Nian Hu

When most normal people think about pranking their friends or loved ones, they plan on putting a whoopee cushion on their seat or hiding their stapler in Jell-O — you know, things that are at least kind of funny?

Unfortunately, there is a slew of YouTubers who missed the memo and think that emotionally abusing their girlfriends is a hilarious prank. Haha, I called her a stupid bitch and made her cry!! Gotcha! What an IDIOT!

One of the most egregious offenders is a YouTube tool named Slaiman (he goes just by that) who psychologically manipulates and torments his girlfriend Kate in the name of "humor" — although it's not clear who is supposed to find this funny, considering every prank ends with his girlfriend in tears.

In one video, he decides to call his girlfriend ugly — because he thought it would be funny, I guess? It's a little difficult to figure out why he decided to call this a "prank" when it's clear, throughout the duration of this video, that not a single person involved finds this even remotely amusing.

At 1:52, he starts a seemingly innocuous conversation with her and casually drops: "I don't look for my girlfriends to be attractive or anything like that." Kate (understandably) stares at him incredulously and asks him, "I'm not attractive?"

"Well, I don't really consider you to be beautiful," he says to her with a completely straight face. Look, I'm sure this guy is a great actor or whatever. But only a PSYCHOPATH could look at his (objectively gorgeous) girlfriend in the eye and tell her that she's not beautiful. That's the equivalent of kicking a puppy or something. Sure, you can try to make an excuse for it later — "it's just a joke, okay?" he says to her at 7:16 — but you still did it.

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A selection of Slaiman's most viewed pranks

However, even after Kate starts crying, this dickhead decides to keep going anyway. "That's kind of rude," she says to him — being CONSIDERABLY less dramatic about this than 99 percent of people would be if their significant other called them ugly to their face.

"You don't need to get so upset," he responds in an excellent display of gaslighting, the abuse tactic where you make someone else feel insane when they exhibit a perfectly normal response to something you do. "Why is this a shock to you? I never thought of you as being attractive. Why are we fighting about this right now? What the hell? Why am I the bad guy in this situation?"

The most heartbreaking part is at 5:01 when she actually starts to believe what he says — particularly his remark about how other girls "spend more time" on their appearance — and she quietly says, "I could probably put in more time…"

This is just one example of how Slaiman is a dick to his girlfriend. Other videos like The EXTREME Stalker PRANK on my Girlfriend!, CAUGHT CHEATING on my Girlfriend PRANK! and Girlfriend UNDRESSING on Live Stream PRANK! speak for themselves.

It's one thing to make a girl feel insecure about her appearance. That's already pretty low. But Slaiman stoops even lower (who knew it was possible?) and decides to make Kate feel shitty about her intelligence as well.

In My Girlfriend CAN'T GRADUATE PRANK! SHE CRIED :(, he goes into her email, deletes the email with her exam results, and sends her an email containing fake exam results that show that she failed most of her classes.

At 5:26 she opens up the fake email, sees her failing marks, and starts to cry uncontrollably. "I never got marks that bad in my whole life," she sobs, looking utterly devastated. "You can't graduate if you fail. My grandma already got me a present. Oh my GOD."

At 8:04 Slaiman finally tells her that this was just a prank. "I did it to make it more memorable," he explains to her. How thoughtful of you, Slaiman! Now she can look back on this day as one that was filled with trauma and fear. Every girl's dream!

Taking things a step further, Slaiman ruins yet another day that should have been a joyous occasion for her.

On Kate's birthday — her BIRTHDAY — he decides to pretend that he totally forgot about it. After a conversation where he talked about how "we're not doing anything today," she looks over at him with a hurt expression on her face and quietly asks: "Do you even know what today is?"

"Oh my gosh!!" he hollers, making her face light up. "Oh my GOSH, Kate…Didn't the Yeezys get released today?" She starts crying, and he waits a full two minutes before cracking up and telling her that he's "just joking."

Hilarious prank, dude! You really showed her!

Ruining your girlfriend's birthday is way too far right? Nope, not for Slaiman!! He pulls an absolutely HILARIOUS prank where he — get this — pretends to kill her dog.

I don't care that he didn't actually hurt her dog. I DON'T CARE. Any pet owner can tell you that their pet is their world. Have you ever seen someone who's lost their beloved dog or cat or bird or reptile?? It's literally devastating!

While Slaiman's stunts do not cause her physical harm like some other YouTube "pranksters," he is still emotionally abusing his girlfriend and exploiting her tears for views on YouTube. And it's disturbing to think that thousands of people watch his videos and think that this is what a normal, healthy relationship should look like. Fuck Slaiman – Kate you should leave his ass.

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