How pedophiles are using a new YouTube trend to exploit children and preteens


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How pedophiles are using a new YouTube trend to exploit children and preteens

It’s happening right now

Pedophiles are targeting young girls who livestream on YouTube, asking them to get naked on camera and pose suggestively. Creeps are so prevalent on the platform that it took babe just five minutes to find a live video of two infant girls being harassed by a user named Finger Me Daddy, who wanted them to touch themselves inappropriately.

He was asking the girls in a video entitled "Me and amaya doing a Q&A" questions like "I dare you to pull your pants or shorts up as far as you can", pressuring them by saying "Please. Please do the dare." It was one example of the countless perverts exploiting YouTube to manipulate kids using the live function for fun.

Comments on a video called 'Me and amaya doing a Q&A'

He later said "I will like if you do dare," encouraging them that their video would get more views if he liked it, and only if they did what he told them. "Hot dogs or sausage?" he asked. Earlier in the stream, a commenter named Anna Polonn asked the girls to "go get heels" to see "who can walk in moms high heels better."

We reported both creeps to YouTube. Nothing happened, because by the time the livestream ended, Finger Me Daddy and Anna Polonn retracted their own comments and deleted their accounts. It takes less than a minute to make a Google account, and then it's just a question of searching for live videos uploaded in the last hour of streams tagged "webcam", "bored", or "me" and trying to exploit children. The users behind Finger Me Daddy and Anna Polonn are probably behind new accounts, and posting again.

Search right now for any live video of a kid messing about on YouTube, and you'll see disgusting comments from pedophiles demanding the girls on camera perform sexually suggestive acts.

A video posted by a young girl entitled "Bored" had the following comments underneath:

Watching kids live stream has become so popular that when looking up the word "webcam" on YouTube, one of the most popular searches that appears is "webcam kids" and then "webcam kids yoga."

An incognito search on YouTube

YouTube's policy says: "We are very sensitive to any harmful or dangerous content that involves minors." But that clearly hasn't stopped perverts having direct access to kids, going on their streams and demanding: "spread your legs apart, arch your back, go on your knees and spread them wide apart." And they're doing it despite being reported.

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