Is this Family Feud contestant the sexiest man alive ???????


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Is this Family Feud contestant the sexiest man alive ???????


Gracing the stage of Family Feud last night was, I believe, the hottest man who ever lived. Carter from Salt Like City is an unlikely Adonis. His purple shirt (bad) clashed violently with his spotted tie (bad) and his wispy stache (bad) should scream Walk Away From Me Quickly In Parking Lots. And yet… get a load of this guy!

I agree with Gyna, Carter from Salt Lake City is the most handsome man in the world. And yet none of my oafish colleagues agree:

Carter from Salt Lake City is not a snapchat filter lookin ass, he's a flame-headed tempter from the South West. It's something about the combination of his flowing lion's mane, the confidence to wear a purple shirt on America's favorite quiz show, and those brilliant white teeth. The laissez-faire grin of a man with perfect confidence that comes from having hair that almost falls down to your dick. Also, he literally looks like Jesus in silhouette – redeem this cheeks, Carter from Salt Lake City.

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