This giant virgin made a comic with a Confederate superhero


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This giant virgin made a comic with a Confederate superhero

Does he not remember how the Civil War ended…?

A massive dork is fundraising to make a comic to present the dashing antics of Rebel Yell, a Confederate superhero who wears a crotch-hugging spandex suit in the colors of the Stars and Bars. It's by far the lamest thing that has ever been drawn, and we're talking about comic books, the least sex-having art medium after crayons.

It's currently on Indiegogo and has just released its first issue, called 'Rebel Yell – The Hated Hero.' Rebel Yell, whose superpower is climbing walls and emitting a frightened shriek, was created to "give Southerners a pop-culture hero with which to identify and show that the Southern Cross is a symbol of honor, virtue, and integrity."

We contacted the creator of Rebel Yell, a Deviant Art square named Electric Dinosaur, to ask him for an interview but he ran away like a coward… much like the pwussy Confederates did in the Civil War, amirite!

Rebel Yell and his powerful shriek! Credit to Electric Dinosaur

Electric Dinosaur writes on his fundraiser: "In an age when the South is under attack and cultural chaos looms, a noble man rises with a rebel yell… Rebel Yell is the realization of a comic inclusive of Southern heroes and symbols. In a city swamped by crime and dismissive of its own history and heritage, a man rises from the rubble and attempts, in underdog fashion, to fight for a lost cause."


This is the latest attempt by lovers of the Confederacy – the states who started a civil war in order to keep slaves, died a lot and then lost – to make it seem cool. They've already tried to mix it with an 80s synth aesthetic and called it Dixiewave, and donned Confederate uniforms to salute statues of Robert E. Lee. And now they're doing it with Rebel Yell, the comic for big losers.

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