Nikita Dragun is the latest YouTuber in Laura Lee’s clique exposed for racist tweets


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Nikita Dragun is the latest YouTuber in Laura Lee’s clique exposed for racist tweets

She has come under fire for her tweets about child abuse, pedophilia, and black people

Nikita Dragun is the latest YouTube beauty guru to face criticism for controversial tweets. With 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.8 million followers on Instagram, she is one of the most prominent influencers on the internet. And like many of her peers — including Jeffree Star and most recently, Laura Lee — she has been embroiled in an ongoing scandal that has been ripping the beauty community apart.

When she was 15 years old, Nikita Dragun penned a few controversial tweets. Though they've been deleted, the screenshots still exist and have been circulating online.

The screenshots reveal that Nikita made flippant comments about child abuse and pedophilia. "We've all met a child that makes us realize 'child abuse' began for a reason," she wrote in one tweet. In another, she wrote, "I'm not saying your child is ugly…. I'm just saying you will never have to worry about pedophiles."

The screenshots also show that Nikita wrote a couple of racist tweets. "Imagine being black? I could never," she tweeted. And in another, she wrote: "When you're so tan you look black."

After receiving backlash for her tweets, Nikita posted an Instagram story (shown in the video at 2:21) where she said at first that she was no longer the same person she was back when she wrote those tweets. A few moments later, however, she claimed the tweets were fake.

  • For many people, Nikita's apology was not enough. Compared to other beauty gurus who have been criticized for problematic tweets, she has done relatively little to address the controversy. People have been calling her out for not properly apologizing for her insensitive comments in the past.

    And furthermore, while other controversial beauty gurus such as Laura Lee have lost followers and brand partnerships for their tweets, Nikita Dragun has not faced any real consequences. She has continued to gain subscribers on YouTuber and work with major beauty brands such as Morphe Brushes, who dropped Laura last week.

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