Spot The Difference: Hailey and Justin Edition


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Spot The Difference: Hailey and Justin Edition

When two become one

by Nian Hu

A scientific study once found that we're attracted to people who look like ourselves, but Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin might have taken that a bit too literally.

Justin has always borne an uncanny similarity with his fiancé. Observe the many similarities: they both have oblong faces, sharp jawlines, angular noses, lightly sunkissed but still overwhelmingly yogurty complexions, and shaggy dirty blonde manes. They're even pretty much exactly the same height.

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So far, so good. After all, it's not too creepy for two similar-ish tall white people to date each other. They DEFINITELY look like siblings, but apparently it's perfectly normal to date someone who looks like your twin sister.

In the past few months however, the couple has been embarking on an eerie journey to look EXACTLY like each other. As they spend more time with each other, they have become harder and harder to tell apart.

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absolute best friend.

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AHH!! Who's who?? Which lanky blonde is Justin, and which leggy straw-haired individual is Hailey? Nobody will ever know!

Now they have successfully morphed into the same person. The most recent change to Bieber's appearance — a low blonde bun — has marked the completion of the transformation.

Behold! I present you — two carbon copies of the same person!!! A blonde low-bunned individual who can both sing AND…do whatever it is that Hailey does. Be rich and pretty, I guess?

I can't tell if it's creepier if this transformation happened organically or if it was deliberately planned. The only thing that I know for sure is that Hailey Baldwin gets turned on by herself and can only orgasm is if she stares into her own reflection in a mirror. There can be no other explanation for the gradual Hailey Baldwin-ification of Justin Bieber that we have helplessly witnessed over the past few months.

Oh man. I can't help but feel sorry for Justin. Look, there are many reasons to dislike Selena Gomez. She can't sing for shit, has the face of a cherub, and brought us the abysmal suicide-glorifying monstrosity that is "13 Reasons Why."

BUT at least she doesn't look identical to Justin Bieber. For that reason and for that reason alone, I will forever ship Jelena and mourn its passing.