Witches are mad that Sephora is selling a $42 ‘starter witch kit’


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Witches are mad that Sephora is selling a $42 ‘starter witch kit’

One witch said Sephora made their skin crawl

Witches have lost their complete shit after Sephora announced a "starter witch kit," which includes tarot cards, sage, and a rose quartz crystal. The magic set, which costs $42, has been denounced by the witching community as a vile attack on their culture and even a form of religious discrimination. One witch said it was "extremely disrespectful" and another said it made their "skin crawl".

Sephora, having sniffed out what they must think is a witch fad, and spotting Halloween on the horizon, are going to stock these useless kits made by Pinrose. They've now been accused by white witches of cashing in on their culture – a witch tweeted: "I’ve been made fun of way too much for being a witch for it to just become another trend."

If they cared even slightly about the Wiccan thing, critics are saying, Sephora would not be selling cards with their kits – "You’re supposed to be gifted your first tarot deck but ofc Sephora doesn’t know or care about that," said a witch on Twitter. "I hope people who buy this accidentally hex themselves," said another, joining the pile of up other witches going in on the make-up company.

"Lmfao witchcraft is a sacred and personal religion, not something to turn pastel and profit off of. If you wanna exploit my religion like this you better make tumblr aesthetic 'entry level kits' for all of the major world religions."

One witch, who also appears to be a furry, wrote that this must be the same as religious discrimination. "Is this how Christians feel when people trivialize their religion and tell them their beliefs are wrong?" they said, drawing a link between a shopping mall make-up company selling witch kits with genuine religious conflict. These are the same thing.

As some have pointed out, the starter kit's White Sage has a lot of significance for Indigenous Americans. This has led to a dig against white witches, who are apparently more concerned with Sephora stocking a witch kit than they are about the kit including White Sage.

A Twitter user named 'b i c t h' wrote: "No offense but white people who insist they’re witches are way more heated about Sephora selling witch kits than they are about the fact that the over harvesting of sage bc of new trendy demand for it is making it so native americans are no longer able to perform sacred rituals."

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