Is Kim K cheating on Kanye with…Drake?


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Is Kim K cheating on Kanye with…Drake?

Kiki, is that you?

Drake's got us all dancing (and jumping out of moving cars) this summer with his latest hit, "In My Feelings." And it's no mystery why the song took off. I'm no Drake fan, but even I cannot resist the siren call of "Kiki, do you love me?"

The real mystery is: who exactly is this bewitching goddess named Kiki? Which seductive temptress enraptured Drake's heart and inspired him to write an entire song about his undying love for her?

Up until now, most of us have been under the impression that Kiki is referring to Drake's ex-girlfriend, Keshia Chante. But it seems like we might have DRASTICALLY underestimated Drake and his pull game.

In a viral Twitter thread, user @mdaixo__ makes the compelling argument that Kiki is none other than the one and only, the legend herself, KIM KARDASHIAN!!

Hold up. This is a VERY serious allegation! Fortunately, @mdaixo__ came through with receipts. Let's assess, shall we?

So the first piece of evidence is that the name in the song is actually spelled Kiki, and not Keke. Keshia Chante's nickname is "Keke," which seems to suggest that the song isn't actually about her. But you know whose nickname IS Kiki?

That's right!! Kim Kardashian has FREQUENTLY referred to herself as Kiki. Suddenly, it all starts to come together.

The Twitter user also pointed out some funky coincidences — for example, the fact that the leading girl in Drake's music video is good friends with Kiki in real life. Hmm. Random coincidence or hidden message? We'll never know.

To lend credence to this theory, @mdaixo__ suggests that Drake wrote the entire song as a giant "fuck you" to Kanye, who we all know he has some serious beef with.

And honestly, the strongest part of this entire argument is the fact that Drake is a Scorpio — "so you know he is petty." As a Scorpio myself, I can definitely attest that we are petty enough to sleep with our enemy's wife and then write the hit song of the summer about her. Take THAT, Kanye!

Kim Kardashian, however, was quick to shut down the rumors. "Never happened," she wrote in an Instagram comment. "End of story."

From the source herself. #CommentsByCelebs

A post shared by @ commentsbycelebs on Sep 3, 2018 at 9:05pm PDT

Hmmm…something seems fishy! The fact that Kim K took the time out of her day as a multimillionaire and reigning queen of pop culture to address a viral Twitter thread penned by a lowly commoner makes me think that this rumor might be true after all. Why else would she feel so attacked by something that would've otherwise just been another far-fetched conspiracy theory?

And would you just look at those PERIODS at the end of her sentences!! Every girl knows that putting periods at the end means that something is up. No normal human being does that unless they're trying to relay a hidden message.

Kim is trying to tell us something here — possibly a confirmation of the affair? It might also be a sign that she's really offended that any of us would even entertain for a second the idea that she would hook up with a beta male softboy like Drake. Or…it could be a sign that Kanye hacked her account and made her write that because he felt so threatened.

Either way, I'm pretty sold on this theory. Drake almost definitely slept with Kim, and I'm here for it. Kanye is probably SHAKING right now!