Will getting hit by a campus bus give me free tuition?


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Will getting hit by a campus bus give me free tuition?

Getting to the bottom of this lucrative myth

Going to lectures, doing kegstands, and praying to be struck down by a speeding bus is a regular part of the college experience. It's not just in anticipation of death's sweet kiss, but also to get your tuition paid. That's why posts like this regularly come up on your timeline:

It looks like a great idea! Sadly it's just not true. There is no evidence out there saying if you get mowed down by a campus vehicle, you'll get free money.

Sorry to be a giant dork about it, but it's been debunked a lot. The Tab asked spokespeople from colleges across the US like Rutgers, UW-Madison, Cornell, UVA, Ohio State, Alabama and Penn State, and they all said: "Nah lol."

It's circulated for years and even has a variant – if your roommate dies you also get free tuition, which inspired an 90s movie that looks…shitty. But they're both fake. If you get owned by the college shuttle bus, you're not getting any $$$.

Man that sucks.

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