If you like swiping on Tinder, you might be a psychopath


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If you like swiping on Tinder, you might be a psychopath

According to one study, anyway

Ok, so by now we know that most studies that seem too good and/or scary to be true probably are. There was the study that said gin drinkers are psychopaths, that baths burn more calories than running, and that tequila will make you lose weight. This new one about Tinder, though, has me…a touch hesitant? I don't know about you guys, but my #1 favorite hobby is not being murdered. And according to this research, my beloved pastime of staying alive is in jeopardy the longer I stay on Tinder.

The study, published in a research journal called Computers in Human Behavior, studied tendencies of 1,500 regular Tinder users. Here's the thing, though: it was uncovered that a pretty decent percentage of Tinder users (about 20 percent) self-identify as already in a committed relationship. Basically, 1 in 5 hotties you see while swiping are cheating on their significant other — and there's where the crazy comes in.

According to the study's head author, cheating Tinder users scored higher in areas of neuroticism and psychopathy. Partnered Users said they liked the rush and ego boost of swiping and matching, and displayed completely different personality traits from single users.

To which I say: fuck that! No word yet on the number of psychopaths lying in wait on Bumble and Hinge, but here's to hoping the odds are better over there.