Put this statue of a saint on Drag Race and watch her win Season 11


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Put this statue of a saint on Drag Race and watch her win Season 11

Hey Satan, go back to Party City where you belong!

Gentlemen! Start your engines! And may this renovated statue of a saint win the next season of RuPaul's Drag Race!

Look at these gorgeous photos of the snatched legend San Antonio de Padua, who served 13th Century thiccness with a Godly twist:

San Anthoenio (sorry) has killer make-up, a versatile runway look that would make her house proud, and is also respectful to her community and great with kids. All praise is due to the team who accidentally restored a 400-year-old wooden statue in Colombia to look like a drag icon for religious queens. Some resentful haters have struck out at the restoration but clearly they are just jealous trash who need to shut up their no knowledge drag mouths.

Antonio would pull out a Snatch Game victory. She would master the balance between glamour and camp. She could get a sugar daddy if she wanted to because she is WHAT? SICKENING! We stan!!

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