Your weekly horoscopes are here, and things are going surprisingly well for all of us…?


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and things are going surprisingly well for all of us…?

Plus, your theme song of the week!

Has anyone told you how intelligent you are lately? Mercury in Virgo is making that aspect of you pop this week and confirming that truth! You are SO intelligent. You kick ass at taking care of business and getting shit done. Use this energy combined with the new moon to kick off new projects, set ablaze that new relationship that’s been simmering, and figure your shit out! This is the perfect time for a fresh start, the stars will tell you below how to use this to your advantage!

Use the energy in the stars to make magic happen on September 11 and 12 when the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto are in alignment. You got this.


Aries! This is honestly a time to rest and relax for you. (My absolute favorite thing to hear.) Not much is happening in your chart at the moment but babe, oh babe does this mean that good stuff is coming your way! You’re just kicking back with your feet up as you watch the world hustling and bustling in front of your eyes. Meanwhile, Chiron in your chart is bringing you self-awareness and a boost of spirituality. What a perfect time to plot how you’ll be reinventing your identity!

“Humanize” by Lizzo


This week you’ll be a Taurean explorin’! It’s all about experimentation for you with the Venus in Scorpio / New Moon in Virgo combo. You’ll be curious to deepen your relationship with a certain someone, and the alignment of the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto show promise of harmony and flow within that relationship! Try to get some alone time together this week.

“Blowback” by Galimatias


It seems like an oddly quiet time for you Gem, do you feel it? Everyone knows how friendly you are, of course, but this week you don’t feel like voicing your opinion unless you really think you have something of value to offer. That’s okay, focus on using your voice for other things this week to keep you glowin'. Go out to a karaoke night with your friends this week. You could even look into singing classes. Channel the creativity of the Moon in Virgo and express yourself!

“New Soul” by Yael Naim

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With the strength Mars in Aquarius and the Sun in Virgo, you’ll be feeling a nudge to review and analyze what’s working and what’s not in your life. Don’t wait on this either, it’s your time to cut some things off. Trust me, this is good! Now you’ll have plenty of time and good energy to spend with those you love, and to create projects with the burst of inspiration that Jupiter will bring you!

“Feels” by Giraffage


Money is shining a bright, green light on you this week Leo, and right around September 11 will open up doors for you to make some more moolah. If you’re not going to put it into your savings, be mindful to put it towards your health habits. Stop treating your body like a garbage disposal, you are NOT trash! Lighten up on the caffeine, wake yourself up in the morning with some activity other than scrolling through your phone, and eat healthier meals throughout the day. Your glowing-self next week will thank me. XO

“Getsomerest/sleepwell” by quickly, quickly


Break out that old Pandora bracelet we all used to wear back in middle school, your week is all about charm, Virgo babe! Getting what you want is really the only option with the current cosmic state of affairs, you’re charismatic, convincing, and committed to your goals! If you haven’t gotten the point yet, hear me now: GO GET SHIT DONE! The stars are on your side.

“Blessed” by Smerz


This week has you feeling the need to hunker down with someone STAT, and I don't blame you. 'Tis the season! With a little help from the Venus in Scorpio and an unexpected event brought by Uranus opposing Venus, this is not out of the question! Be open to starting conversations with new people! Start with just a compliment. Just make sure this "new surprise" fits into your life if you want to keep it around, getting out of promises this week won’t be as easy for you.

“You’re Mine” by Raving George // Oscar and the Wolf


This week will feel like a recurring dream for you. Events that you’ve faced before and things that need your attention will start popping back up, thankfully you’ve got the energy to take care of them this time around! Learn from the last time they appeared in your life, tie up any loose ends, and be done with them! You’re favorable in your social circle this week as well, so if you need a little help from those close to you to, just ask!

“Stepping Out” by ALTA


The sextile aspect formed by Mars entering Aquarius after September 11 will gift you boosted confidence in your work, hobbies, and love life this week, Sagittarius! Pay close attention to your dreams during this time as your intuition is dialed-in, (and I’ll help you decode them over at the members-only Instagram @babedotuniverse!) Get better at remembering your dreams by writing them down as soon as you wake up!

“Psychic Reader” by Bad Bad Hats


Did you get a chance to travel anywhere last week, Capricorn? Did it even happen if you didn't post photos of it on Instagram? Keep that explorative energy rolling as "community" is where you’re shining this week! Write a short list of things you want to learn and go take a class or join a meet up for it! Friends you can really connect with will seem to come out of nowhere, especially since the people you’ll be meeting share your interests!

“Give A Little” by Maggie Rogers


You’ll be welcoming Mars with open arms as it arrives at your house on the 10, Aquarius. This guest comes bearing the gift of individuality just for you! You know how to give others space to be themselves, and this is your chance for the same opportunity. You may come off as detached sometimes, but this is just you trying to breathe and figure yourself out. Give fair warning to those you love, then take off on your own personal exploration excursion!

“Is It A Syn?” by Great Dane


A warning for my Pisces babes: Keep things easy, breezy, beautiful for a while. There’s a lot swirling around in your world and the last thing you want to do is get caught up in the current. You may be even finding it hard to sleep at night with detailed thoughts playing on repeat in your mind, and your phone lighting up nonstop with the latest information doesn’t help either….Prepare for this by embracing your DGAF attitude, and try to let things go this week.

“Paper Planes” by M.I.A.

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