This student reported sexual harassment and physical threats by a frat. Her college said ‘boys will be boys’


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This student reported sexual harassment and physical threats by a frat. Her college said ‘boys will be boys’

It got so bad she needed a police escort to class

A student is suing her college after frat brothers sexually harassed and physically threatened her, according to a disturbing new lawsuit seen by babe. Andi Dahmer, who was elected student body president at Western Kentucky University, said she was subjected to "verbal, mental and emotional abuse" by Phi Delta Theta members that was so bad, she needed police protection.

Andi, a senior in the university's Honors College, became president of the SGA – the student government association. She was elected on a platform of "diversity, equity and inclusion." And according to her lawsuit, Phi Delta Theta members who attended student government meetings would frequently hassle Andi, calling her a "cunt" and a "bitch".

Andi's legal complaint said that it was after she challenged frat brothers during a debate about undocumented students on October 17, 2017 – they had reportedly made "anti-immigrant and xenophobic" statements – Phi Delta members mounted a full-fledged campaign of harassment against her.

It began with outbursts from student government members during meetings – one threw his papers in the air, told everyone in the room they were "fucking irrelevant" and to "go fuck themselves."

GroupMe messages sent to Andi calling her a cunt

But then on February 7, 2018, Andi said she started receiving a "barrage of menacing and dangerous threats from her peers." She was sent a screenshot of GroupMe messages from student council members threatening to attack her.

"I could punch that bitch and her lawyer in the face"

"I hope she gets cancer and catches on fire"

"Could she be any more of a cunt like god damn"

Two days later, on February 9 – just hours after she reported these messages to her college – she found a note attached to her car. "GO FUCK YOURSELF" it read. The lawsuit said she began receiving repeated, random knocks on her dorm door. On one occasion, a truck with a Phi Delta sticker gunned its engine at Andi in a parking lot.

She became so scared for her safety that she went to stay at a friend's apartment. Her parents came to visit her when she felt unsafe – this happened at least 14 times. She reported what was going on, and the school started sending a police escort (who often turned up 30 to 45 minutes late, according to the lawsuit).

The note left on Andi's car

Andi, who declined to speak for an interview, began suffering at school. The lawsuit described how she experienced difficulty focusing, nightmares, and sleep deprivation. It reads:

"Andi's severe stress left her barely able to keep down food during this time and she experienced significant weight loss resulting in a change of two dress sizes, some hair loss, brittle nails, and as a result of the trauma, she sought counseling off campus."

Phi Delta Theta did not answer our requests for comment.

Andi went to the college administrator in charge of student activities – a man named Charley Pride – but her complaints fell on deaf ears. Pride was a member of Phi Delta Theta as a WKU student in the 80s, and went on to work for the national organization after graduating. In 2016, he was handed a lifetime achievement award by Phi Delta Theta for decades spent serving them.

Pride's connections to Phi Delta Theta meant he looked out for his old frat instead of Andi, the lawsuit claimed. He called her a "social justice warrior" during a meeting on October 23, 2017 and berated her about her "intentions towards the Phi Delts." And when Andi told him students came into her office to call her a "bitch" and a "cunt", Pride told her "boys will be boys," and did not intervene.

Pride, who did not answer our requests for comment, is being sued for negligence. So is Western Kentucky University President Timothy Caboni and Title IX coordinator, Andrea Anderson.

Charley Pride, Western Kentucky's Director of Student Activities

Western Kentucky University has dismissed Andi's claims as "frivolous." In a statement sent to the student newspaper, WKU Herald, they said: "WKU responded to the concerns referenced in the Complaint and took action to address the matter in full compliance with its policies and the law."

Speaking to babe, Andi's lawyer Lindsay Cordes said: "It’s very disheartening and discouraging that WKU appeared to be concerned about Andi’s well-being and improving the Title IX process, but after she filed this case, they decided her claims were ‘frivolous’ and ‘maliciously untrue’. Andi continues to be committed to improving this process for all students at WKU and ensuring a positive learning environment on campus for all students, regardless of their gender, that promotes diversity and inclusion for all."

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