Someone call PETA, Kendall Jenner is naked and rubbing her vag on a horse


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Someone call PETA, Kendall Jenner is naked and rubbing her vag on a horse

Ol’ Dead Eyes is at it again

Kendall Jenner is many things: A tall person, a rich person, a person who has the ability to look almost startlingly bored in a huge array of circumstances. And now she's a naked person — a naked person on a horse, at that.

"Leaked images" for Victoria's Secret "photographer" Russell James' new "book" (he's a fine photographer, I'm just being mean lol) surfaced online, and a few of them feature an ass-naked Kandle Jenner doing a series of physical activities like climbing a tree, sprinting along a beach, and grinding her million-dollar crotch against a horse. Animals, famously, are incapable of giving verbal consent.

Kendall is pretending to be scandalized that the photos would dare be leaked online but the book comes out in like, two days so calm down! I'm still pretty salty over her shitty comments about other, less privileged models (and then lying about it) so if truth be told, I'm getting sick amounts of joy over my TL absolutely roasting these pics. I'm obviously no model and my photography skills begin and end at selfies, but I'm highly critical of these pics! How could Russell James look at these and be like, yep, that's the shot! People make this joke all the time, but every single photo in this series would get her eliminated from America's Next Top Model. What even are these ???

I've said it before, but I'm absolutely amazed at her ability to have exactly zero light behind her eyes. It doesn't matter if she's been photoshopped into a Star Wars scene for an ad campaign, in India shooting for Vogue, or doing some weird dancing by a tree — girl does not look like she wants to be there. Maybe she's got some stuff going on at home (I've heard her family can be a bit much) or maybe she's just not good at her job?

If anyone wants to team up for a search-and-rescue mission of that poor horse, lmk. I've got a grappling hook I'm dying to try out.

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