Surprise! Curvy Wife Guy is actually super racist!


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Surprise! Curvy Wife Guy is actually super racist!

Who would’ve thought?!

The Curvy Wife Guy (you might know him as The Thicc Wife Guy, né Robbie Tripp), would have you think he's a lovable, cutesy husband who loves his partner. And viral news sites like NowThis would have you believe he's a thoughtful influencer who "spreads positive messages about self-love and confidence."

So would you think any differently about him if we told you he also said the n-word? Here's a post he made as a 22-year-old in college, before he found fame as a squeaky-clean, body-positive Instagram king.

"Turn up with my nijja Steve," he said in October 2012.

In case you weren't sure:

Before he became the brand-safe sponsored content machine that he is now, earning six figures by partnering up with McDonalds and Alaska Air and Chase Bank, he made a few other posts that in light of him calling his black friend "nijja" seem a bit… weird:

Also, while we're on the subject, this might be the only guy ever to say #mormon #swag. Lol:



Curvy Wife Guy edited all of these posts, so we have replaced them with screenshots! Find out more here, spoiler: he's threatening to sue us!

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