Here’s how to make sure your crush doesn’t see those drunk Instagram DMs you sent last night


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Here’s how to make sure your crush doesn’t see those drunk Instagram DMs you sent last night

This just solved 99 percent of my problems

Most of the time when I "drunk text" someone, I'm sitting on my couch sober as hell and probably eating a Lunchable. It's a great excuse to finally say what I want, and it provides the added bonus of making me seem like I'm busy/cool/out on the town when I'm actually…eating a Lunchable.

But real drunk texts? If I were to carefully analyze what percentage of real drunk texts I regret, I think it's somewhere in the ballpark of 100. I've said the dumbest shit of my life after a few gin and tonics, and I've said it to everyone: exes, crushes, coworkers, my parents, my middle school math teacher, a few Uber drivers, the Amazon Prime customer service hotline, pharmacists, and one very scared PetCo employee. The most egregious blackout messages, though, are the ones we sent to people via Instagram DM. Think about it: they're people you know well enough to be following each other but there's a reason you don't have their number.

There must be a really empathetic group of women on the development team at Instagram because the app just unveiled a new way to nip that entire drunken mess in the bud. I won't bore you with the details (because there are no details) but all you do is hold down the message in question. A little bubble will appear with an unsend option:

And just like that, it's unsent. Your tracks are covered, and the person you like never needs to know that you're wasted an horny. Unless that's what you want, I guess. Please be advised that this will not protect you from: messages that have already been seen, pregnancy, or STDs.

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