Ladies, make sure your man is a virgin or else his penis will look like THIS


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Ladies, make sure your man is a virgin or else his penis will look like THIS

This is why we preach abstinence, but only for boys

by Nian Hu

An important new scientific study has discovered that something truly horrific happens to men who sleep around. Everyone knows that a promiscuous man is a vile hussy with no self-respect and a strained relationship with his mother, but finally, there is hard evidence showing that a man's worth as a husband declines dramatically every time he has sex before marriage.

This helpful infographic demonstrates the physical damage that is done to a man's genitalia when he allows himself to be used by multiple women. Due to the pressure of the warm and acidic vagina, a penis that has been violently squeezed by more than one vagina is eventually reduced to a small and withered brown pile of mush resembling an old and rotten banana.

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Please share this infographic at your local elementary schools so our boys can be educated at an early age.

For men, the consequences of promiscuity cannot be understated. It is the difference between a ripe penis and a rotten penis, and this is something that women look for when they're choosing a husband later in life. A woman who has sex with a rotten penis will not experience pleasure, since it is soft and mushy and will feel like shoving a marshmallow through a keyhole. A woman who has sex with a ripe penis, however, will experience maximum sexual pleasure, since it is hard and strong.

Thanks to modern technology, there are surgeries and exercises that men can do to try to rectify their mistakes and make their withered penises hard and strong again. For example, doctors recommend that men perform 50-100 Kegel exercises every day in order to strengthen the muscles around the penis and make it appear girthier. However, such attempts are usually futile. Once a penis has been squeezed by too many vaginas, it is never the same.

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The reason I preach #Christianity. My sons represent the left. Leonardo DiCaprio's penis represents the right.

And this is why we preach abstinence, but only for boys. Consider this: if a pencil sharpener can sharpen many pencils, it is a master pencil sharpener. But if a pencil is sharpened by many pencil sharpeners, it is eventually reduced to nothingness. Similarly, a woman who is capable of bedding many men is an impressive stud who brims with leadership qualities. But a man who allows himself to be taken advantage of by multiple women is a worthless burden on society.

This is not a double standard; this is simply science. Women were evolutionary designed with self-lubricating vaginas that can have sex all day long and achieve infinite orgasms. Men, on the other hand, are only physically capable of copulating for 5-10 minutes before releasing a dirty and sticky fluid, the sight of which is so shameful that they instantly fall asleep. Men, therefore, are biologically programmed to only accommodate one sexual partner throughout their lifetime, while women are hardwired to entertain multiple sexual partners at the same time.

There are clear physiological differences between men and women, and for this reason, we need to treat our sons and daughters differently. We need to teach our boys to respect themselves and their bodies. We need to help our boys avoid getting unwanted female attention by discouraging them from wearing revealing clothing or exposing their Adam's apples. And we need to emphasize to our boys that the most important thing about them is the value that they provide to their future wives. After all, the most productive thing a man can do with his life is become a husband and father.


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