MOOD: Real Housewife Kim Zolciak photoshopped her infant’s lips to make them look bigger


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MOOD: Real Housewife Kim Zolciak photoshopped her infant’s lips to make them look bigger

This is the realest

We should never have expected anything less from Kim Zolciak, the surgery princess of the Real Housewives oeuvre, but she has edited a photo of her infant daughter to make her lips look bigger.

Look at this throwback portrait of Ariana Biermann, posted by Atlanta power mom Kim, a couple days ago:

Now look at the same photo, which Kim posted in 2016:

Zoom in and you'll see that in Photo #1, Ariana (who looks about three or four years old) has way bigger lips that in Photo #2:

Did Kim touch up a baby photo? Her fans certainly think so. And is this actually good parenting? Consider: her daughter Ariana is currently denying rumors that she has had a load of work done on her face. "I'm so over people asking me this, I am 16 dude I’ve had no plastic surgery what so ever," she posted on Instagram.

So is Kim (who did admit giving her older daughter Brielle lip injections once she turned 18) trying to retroactively edit Ariana's photos to make it look like she's always had the lips of Kylie Jenner? Seems like it.

Bonus content: Kim Zolciak's smash hit single, Google Me

  • G-O-O-G-L-E me

    Research me, you'll find me

    Click them keys and Google me


    I'm not a material girl, some just may think it

    'Till I let them into my world

    You know me best, better than all the rest

    Dolce Gabana, Chanel, and Prada

    Home and not a, a damn thing

    Now it's a shame you played those games

    I'm not the same as them, the same as them

    My name is Kim Zolciak

    You can find me on your TV screen

    Do your research honey

    Click them keys, Google me

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