Blake, there’s people that are dying


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Blake, there’s people that are dying

The actress tries out for the Oppression Olympics

SPOTTED: Our favorite Upper East Sider bizarrely grasping at some perceived slight, all in the name of feminism. Blake Lively is currently on a press tour promoting her new movie, A Simple Favor. Have you seen it yet? Yeah, me neither. Blake, known for her love of fashion, has worn many suits during the tour, seemingly in line with her character. Like I said, I'm not watching what's basically a two-hour ad for her husband's gin company, but the trailer shows her in a tux.

Naturally, the fashion magazines and websites that keep Blake from a career of Lifetime movies and firmly on the A-List have reported on this sartorial choice. They overwhelmingly love that the typically hyper-feminine Blake is experimenting with new styles and cuts.

But what if I told you this was SEXIST?! And that you are a sexist for taking in a woman wearing a suit with your own eyeballs? According to Blake, anyway. She took to her Instagram to gripe about how it's unfair that people mention she's wearing a suit when she is, in fact, wearing a suit. "Would you note a man wearing lots of suits during a promo tour?" she challenges a fashion blogger who adoringly posted a photo of Blake's latest suit. She followed it up with a patronizing "No double standards ladies ??"

Girl, what? In the immortal words of Kourtney Kardashian, there are people dying. This is not some sex-based attack against you. Men's red carpet suits are commented on with regularity. Wardrobe double standards are very real, and enforced even more strictly against large women and non-white women. But this ain't it.

Using arbitrary accusations of "unprofessional dress" as an excuse to chastise a Black woman in the workplace? Sexism! Schools sending girls home for the day because having an exposed bra strap is "distracting" to the old men teaching them? Sexism! Pointing out that a celebrity wearing a suit is…wearing a suit? Not really the same thing.

Then again, Blake's the same person who shivered at how scary accusations against Harvey Weinstein were, and then "no-commented" her way through filming an entire movie with Woody Fucking Allen. What can ya do!