Kylie Jenner discovers INGENIOUS life hack, proving she is the greatest visionary of the 21st century


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Kylie Jenner discovers INGENIOUS life hack, proving she is the greatest visionary of the 21st century

This is truly the year of realizing things

by Nian Hu

Kylie Jenner catches a lot of flak, but what people don't realize is that she's actually a brilliant genius. She is perhaps the greatest mind of the 21st century.

Thanks to her pioneering vision, propensity to take risks, and incredibly wealthy family, this 21-year-old daughter of famous parents launched herself from rags to riches, showing the world that it is possible to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. In fact, the only reason why the rest of us aren't self-made billionaires is because we simply lack the daring initiative, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative ingenuity that Kylie has.

Last night, Kylie showed the world just how bold and innovative she is when she stumbled upon a truly life-changing revelation.

This earth-shattering discovery has already shaken the entrepreneurial community to its core. As we speak, reports come flooding in that Elon Musk is trembling in a SpaceX shuttle and Jeff Bezos is quaking uncontrollably in an Amazon warehouse.

Some people spend their whole lives researching and devising inventions and technologies that will shape the future of humanity. But only true intellectuals like Kylie stumble upon them late at night in a sudden stroke of genius.

At first blush, the combination of cereal and milk that Kylie discovered is hideously repulsive. It is such a deep violation of the status quo, and such a forward-thinking proposal, that the average person cannot help but shudder in disgust.

The reality, however, is that we are simply accustomed to living in a world where cereal and milk never come in contact — much less mixed in the same vessel. But there can be no social progress without some degree of discomfort. After all, there was pushback with the advent of the wheel, the polio vaccine, and the Internet — and inevitably, there will be pushback against this radical invention as well. Change is inherently uncomfortable, and something as progressive and ambitious as putting cereal and milk together is understandably unsettling.

But this is exactly the bold entrepreneurial spirit that launched Kylie Jenner into success in the first place. Her ability to take risks and think of solutions that the rest of us can never even dare to imagine is what made her the billionaire and thought leader that she is today.

We commend her bravery, and we hope that future generations of young women will seek inspiration from Kylie's radical innovations and dream up solutions that will shape the future of mankind and change the course of history for good.