Watch this bloodthirsty grandma shoot the fuck out of a 500lb gator because it ate her pet horse


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Watch this bloodthirsty grandma shoot the fuck out of a 500lb gator because it ate her pet horse


What do you think your grandmother is doing right now? For those of you lucky enough to answer anything other than "turning in her grave, ashamed of the useless offspring she accidentally created", your grandma is probably doing something wholesome. Maybe baking a nice pumpkin pie (the first of the season), or thinking about what kind of sweater she's gonna knit you for Christmas this year.

I doubt that she's out in the swamps of Texas avenging the death of a beloved miniature horse.

But your grandma is not Judy B Cochran, the mayor of Livingston Texas and renowned gator hunter.

Say the least I was excited. Big Boss was calm-Cool & Collective!12ft 580lb certified Gator!

Posted by Scott Hughes on Monday, September 17, 2018

Judy stalked the 12-foot, 500 pound beast across the swampy wastelands that comprise the Lone Star State and eventually found herself eye-to-eye with the beast in a little town called Goodrich, Texas.

In the game we call life, there can be only hunters and the hunted. Nana Cochran looked this slimy boi right in the eye, and you know what? He did not live to tell the tale.

Finally an elected representative doing the world of the peoplee

Local news sources have reported that the gator was familiar to the family. Mayor Cochran told the Houston Chronicle : "We think this is the gator that ate one of our miniature horses several years ago, as big as this gator was, he could've easily eaten it," she said.

"Typically the gators don't bother us, but we've been looking for this one."

When asked about her plans for her vengeance corpse/trophy, she told reporters her family will feast on the beast's flesh, then turn the tail into an office decoration.

"We'll have the hide tanned to make some boots out of it, you can only make boots from the belly," the mayor said.

Perfect for the grandkids at Christmas!