Forget the Summer Of Scam — it’s all about the Fall Of Finesse


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Forget the Summer Of Scam — it’s all about the Fall Of Finesse

Subtle and sneaky, but with sweaters

Summer's over, and that means the so-dubbed Summer Of Scam has come to an end, too. For months, we were regaled with incredible stories of glamorously insane women seizing what they want by any means necessary. There was Anna Delvey, the foreign-born grifter who ripped off New York's richest by pretending to be a business-savvy socialite; we had the refined Brit who oh-so-casually boarded a stranger's yacht and tried to drive it out of an Italian Riviera harbor; hell, we even bore witness to a scam involving $40,000 worth of lizards lifted from a museum! Lizards!

But here's the problem with the Summer Of Scam: how are those of us with a healthy fear of prison supposed to get in on it? I'm kind of a smooth talker and I love to get things for free (my dad affectionally calls me The Scap because of it) but I definitely don't have the stones for grand larceny or boat theft. The solution? Introducing the Fall Of Finesse.

Finesse is about deft movements, illusions, and lies of omission. Where a scammer might be brazen enough to try and drive a yacht away, a finesser will just talk their way onto the boat and kick it with the owners. Instead of blustering "Do you know who I am?!" fights with the bouncers at clubs, a finesser will slip in through the back door. A finesser doesn't steal — they use their brain and charm to be given the things they want.

Here's the thing: you can finesse just about anything. You can finesse men, by telling them what they want to hear and then just doing your own thing. You can finesse bosses into raises, companies into gifts and trips, the influential into acceptance. It's infinitely better than scamming. It requires no outright lies, no illegal activity, and waaay less effort. Plus, you can wear sweaters and tights all the while, and there's not a single mosquito in sight. Go forth and finesse, my children. Take what's yours!

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