Do you want to be the Jenner family’s personal bitch?


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Do you want to be the Jenner family’s personal bitch?

You can now work for her – but she won’t pay you

If you're enormously wealthy and want to make an ass of yourself to please a famous person, have you considered applying to be an unpaid intern at Jenner Communications? There's currently an opening to work for the Jenner empire – although the job ad looks like you'll have to be the family's personal slave.

motorized cars etc

Your roles include: "Running errands, organizing, donation tally, helping with kids playroom, motorized cars etc" and "Grocery shopping" and "Helping with dog." So while you're in college in LA, you can spend three unpaid days a week running errands for the Jenners, and helping watch Stomi in the playroom, motorized cars etc.

This insane position – which amounts to "do whatever the Jenner family tells you, no matter what, for free" – has been posted in different forms since 2016. Think of all the earnest college students who applied thinking it could be a useful internship for course credit, then had to spend a semester running pointless errands for Kendall, or trying to extricate that cruel, sweating jackal Jonathan Cheban from Kim's butthole. (If you want to talk about your time interning with the Jenners, please email me! [email protected]).

A job ad from 2016 says you'll be doing "General office tasks and organization", "Pick ups/drop offs from/to various vendors," and "Personal errands for client and family."Another from 2018 says: "Errands, local & city, Organizing in home and Gift wrapping."

Unsurprisingly, reports posted to Glassdoor, the job review site, say the internship sucks ass. They are q funny to read.

"Horrible," says one. "Very disorganized. Other people who worked there were not very nice and were snobby. Too busy to answer questions."

"Star far, far away," says another. "The people working there are incredibly mean and don't take time to answer questions. No one cares about you or cares to properly train you. Incredibly disorganized. A lot of stupid and pointless busywork. Doesn't even qualify as an internship. Immoral people. Immoral business practices."

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