Your weekly horoscopes are here… are you ready for Libra season?


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Your weekly horoscopes are here… are you ready for Libra season?

Strap yourself in

Happy Libra Season Babes! Happy Autumnal Equinox Witches! The full moon in Aries has us revved-up and ready to go, but Libra is coming in hot trying to make us balance and calm-the-fuck-down. Will we listen? Let’s see… Cosmic happenings this week: Full Moon in Aries on Sept 24th and Pluto ends retrograde in Capricorn on Sept 30th. See you in October!


Grab your phone and delete the Facebook “friends” who are trying to get you into their pyramid schemes, as well as all of the old Tinder matches in your contacts that you texted for one night and then never again. The start of Libra season in combination of the full moon in your sign urges you to gain some balance in your life, and this social clutter is doing you no favors. Don’t be afraid to do the same in real life. You’ve evolved, it’s time to make space for people who mesh with who you are now.

10,000 Emerald Pools by BØRNS


What’s on your mind, Taurus love? You’re one of the ones that Libra is trying to tie down to chill out a little bit. There’s something stirring inside of you and it's showing up in weird behaviors (odd dreams, zoning out while driving, posting cringey, emotional captions on your Instagram photos…). If you keep suppressing and overworking yourself, you’re going to burn out. The Universe is trying to get your attention, follow the clues babe!

Lucy by Still Woozy, ODIE


Things should seem a little more settled after last week, Gem and you should have a clearer POV moving forward as a result! This Libra energy has you focused on connections this week, building relationships and bonding with people who AREN’T going to drop bombshells, similar to what happened last week, on you. Who better than you to host a get-together to bring your good friends together to celebrate the full moon and the changes that come with it?

Evil Twin by Krrum


You may have been spending a lot of time between the sheets, Cancer. Whether that was spent sleeping or fooling around, you’ve made a nest for yourself and it’s time to come flying back out into the world, baby bird! Libra is trying to help you attain some balance by going out and getting some much-needed attention. This week: bring the freak in the sheets to the streets.

Bibimbap by TOKiMONSTA


With Libra entering your house of communication paired with the full moon in Aries, amplifying your trademark individuality, you’re a powerhouse this week. It’s all about you (is this really any different than normal though?).

You know exactly how you want to be spending your week, just be mindful of not indulging in habits you’re trying to break. Pluto ends its retrograde on the 30th, which will give you a push to finally get rid of them.

Taste – Mano Le Tough Remix by Rhye


As much as you’re missing it being your season, this change is going to illuminating intimacy and merging for you. What does that mean exactly? Up to your interpretation ;) The full moon will be gifting a climax of events and possibly leaving you a little drained (and grumpy) afterward. This week: focus on self-care and don’t hesitate to lean on your support system for comfort.

Feel It Still – Medasin Remix by Portugal. The Man


Happy You Season, Babe! So, how are we celebrating? Why not with some commitment? It’s time to go all in or all out. The Aries full moon illuminates your house of committed relationships. Let’s promise that you’ll only commit to those who appreciate you for YOU! Whether it be a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a business partnership, only surround yourself with people who aren’t trying to change you.

Lover by Tree Theater / Emily C. Browning


Lifestyle changes are at the forefront of your week this week, Scorpio. The full moon is presenting you with the energy to nix some bad habits (and people), and cultivate some new and productive ones! These changes may spark a little more moodiness from you, but you’re just being dramatic. Libra asks you to please calm the fuck down. Why do you make things so difficult for yourself sometimes? If you can recognize that this transition is A GOOD THING(!!!), things will go a lot smoother. Love you.

All The Snow Is Gone by Sniffle Party


Fame, passion, self-expression, sounds like a dream, right? This week, that’s all yours. On top of that, the Sun is finally in Libra, where your house of collaboration is thriving and those around you really make you feel recognized. Don’t waste this magical time and energy! You know what you’ve been wanting to manifest. Make a wish, babe, this week is under your command.

Supernatural by AlunaGeorge


Nostalgia seems to be haunting you this week, little goat, you’re feeling extra emotional about the past and can’t seem to figure out why. It’s okay to blame this one on the stars. Your house of home and family is under the full moon spotlight, which could be healing for you and all of the feels coming up. Get your girls together for a movie night, watch About Time with Rachel McAdams, and cry it out. This week, take some time to process so this stuff doesn’t come back around in the future.

Maud Gone by Car Seat Headrest


An idea you’ve had for a while now just might have enough cosmic energy to manifest now, but it’s not going to spread itself! The 24th will bring you the confidence to distribute your brilliant plan, and this might even be the perfect convo-starter for new connections! It’s time to give some life to the part of you that you’ve let stay dormant for too long. Chug some coffee and get buzzing!

Magazine by Caroline Smith


Keep your guard up this week around the 25th, little fish. Obstacles may appear out of nowhere regarding communication & your social life (what else is new?…) and lord only knows what happens when you get too involved in that BS. Thankfully on the 30th, Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn, bringing a fresh start to your relationships. Recognize your worth and only let those who appreciate it live around you. This week is a good week to figure out who you’re keeping around and who you’re evicting.