How would you describe this sound Lady Gaga is making?


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How would you describe this sound Lady Gaga is making?

Come settle this argument, please

Stefani Joanne "Lady 'Get that Oscar, bitch!' Gaga" Angelina Germybottom has her McQueen boots on our necks with every new tease of her upcoming film debut, A Star Is Born. I know this term is a little outdated after ~someone killed it while judging American Idol, but this YouTube comment I found was too perfect to resist:

My wig incinerated, then the ashes returned to the queers of color who invented it

And the release of the film's signature song, Shallow, is no exception. Written by Gaga and Mark Ronson (whom I will never forgive for the crime that was Joanna, but I digress), the song is the dramatic centerpiece of every trailer and probably the movie itself. Today on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show, Gaga described the song as a special moment at the heart of A Star Is Born. "We made this song for Ally and Jack and it’s such a special song you know. It’s two people talking to each other and talking about the need and the drive to dive in to the deep end and stay away from the shallow area," she said.

That's fine, whatever. What I'm really here to talk about, though, is the song's crescendo, which feature a guttural WAIL from Gaga — an absolutely beautiful wall of noise I'm having a very hard time writing phonetically. Listen to the entire thing here, but pay special attention to the 2:34 mark:

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