You know Brett Kavanaugh. So does every other woman in the world


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You know Brett Kavanaugh. So does every other woman in the world

We all know an entitled man who takes advantage of women

by Nian Hu

When Dr. Christine Ford testified today before the Senate, her story resonated with young women all around the world. Far too many of us have had experiences like hers — experiences that, as she said herself, have been forever seared into our memories.

Every woman has, at some point, encountered a guy like Brett Kavanaugh. We have all come across a selfish and entitled man who might take advantage of women, who treats women like objects with reckless disregard for their well-being, and who has the wealth and privilege that insulates him from facing any consequences. And he takes on many different forms, from the drunk prep school kid to the wealthy college senior to the most popular guy in high school.

Here are some of the stories from women around the world about the Brett Kavanaughs in their lives.

'My Brett Kavanaugh was a trust fund kid'

"I met him at a film festival. He is a documentary director, screenwriter, DJ, and actor. We became friends and kissed a few times. At a party that he threw, we started hooking up and I said no, because I just wanted a few moments to think. It was all going too fast. But he still carried on. I lost friends when I spoke out what happened to me. My friends were angry at me for speaking up about him. They wanted his help in getting film work.

He’s a trust fund kid with famous and successful parents. He always seems to get away with things, from stealing other peoples' work to treating women poorly. For example, his ex-girlfriend said that he forced her to have an abortion by blackmailing her, and then dumped her a week later. And there's another girl I know who went on a date with him once, and apparently she had some bruising afterwards. She stopped going to the film festival after that."

'My Brett Kavanaugh was politically connected'

"He was a very wealthy and politically connected international student. In my freshman year, I participated in an orientation program and he was my group leader. The year after that, when I was a sophomore and he was a senior, he invited me to a party. At the party, he grinded against me, ignoring how uncomfortable and stiff I was whenever he touched me. He rubbed my ass and tried to kiss me. I was so mortified. I froze and couldn't say anything. Eventually I lied about an early morning meeting and left. I felt so stupid. How did I not see this coming? I went home agonizing about what to do. I felt like I had led him on.

But it happened again. There was always a reason to go back. I knew it was crazy to go back, but I was such a jumble of confusion and embarrassment and guilt that I did anyway. He was really nice and I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

One night, he started to unbutton my shirt. I told him to stop but he ignored me. I was shaking. I told him to stop more loudly as he reached for my bra. He finally stopped and I got to my feet and apologized but said I really needed to go. My hands were shaking so badly I could barely button my shirt. I left as quickly as I could, still apologizing. That night, I texted him and told him I wanted to just be friends with him. He texted back that he completely understood.

I was so relieved. When he texted me a few days later asking if I wanted to go for a walk, I happily accepted, thinking I was safe. We walked along the river and he asked if I minded sitting down for a bit. He asked if he could kiss me. I said no. He leant forward to kiss me anyway and I turned my head away. He said 'Oh, come on' and grabbed my head with both hands, dragged me towards him, and forced me to kiss him. I struggled but couldn't get away.

I didn't make a scene or say anything to him then. I silently finished the walk and said goodnight. I told my roommate everything that had happened and she encouraged me to report it. 'Report what?' I asked. 'I kept going back. And even if I did report it what would happen?' I didn't have much money and I knew he was extremely wealthy and his father was in the government of his country. I didn't think it was worth putting up a fight."

'My Brett Kavanaugh was popular in school'

"In my high school there was a tradition that after prom all of the seniors would rent out a house in the Hamptons with their friends and drive out for the weekend for nonstop partying. I was 17 at the time and got asked to prom by one of my really good friends. We booked the house and we managed to get first pick on a bedroom.

The night of prom comes and we’re all just excited to go to the Hamptons and have a really great weekend. We get to the house and immediately start drinking and pounding shots. I blacked out. Apparently, I went to the bathroom to throw up and I hit my head, so my prom date came in to check on me. He told everyone I might have gotten a concussion so we went back to the bedroom.

I don’t remember what happened, but the next morning I woke up and was not wearing any of my clothes. I woke up next to him, when we were supposed to sleep in different beds. That should’ve been my first hint. I changed back into my clothes and went outside where one of my other good friends ran up to me and asked me how was it. I had no clue what she was talking about but I had a weird feeling in between my legs. She asked how was it losing your virginity.

According to the boy, I wanted it and I asked for it. I was so embarrassed I acted like everything was fine and that it was cool. This boy told the whole house about how we hooked up when I had no recollection of ever giving consent. But he was so well-liked and known that if I said anything I would just be ostracized from my friend group. I was so worried about losing my friends that to this day only a handful of my closest friends know of this experience."


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