The Curvy Wife Guy is threatening to sue babe dot net!


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The Curvy Wife Guy is threatening to sue babe dot net!

We said his book was bad and he set his lawyer on us

The fearless reporters of babe dot net are under siege by the Instagram influencer known as the Curvy Wife Guy. Robbie Tripp, the man who shot to fame by uploading a horny and unsettling post about his wife ("Her shape and size won't be the one featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan but it's the one featured in my life and in my heart") is threatening legal action against us because we said his book was worse than the Unabomber Manifesto.

We will not be intimidated! We will not be silenced! We will stand up for our – and your – First Amendment rights! You, the readers of babe dot net deserve to know that in our opinion, the Curvy Wife Guy's book sucks an entire ass.

In a light-hearted, jokey article about the Curvy Wife Guy – the rich and famous Instagram celebrity – we presented passages from Create Rebellion (he calls it "an abstract manifesto for disruptive creativity") and the Unabomber Manifesto (an equally impenetrable screed that Ted Kaczynski wrote before he became America's most famous domestic terrorist), and asked readers to tell the difference.

Among others, we selected this extract of Curvy Wife Guy's book, and said in our view, it comes across as utterly unhinged – "write-a-hit-list-on-a-high-school-bathroom-wall crazy."

"Be careful and act swiftly as you operate among their spiteful hostility; their infection can quickly turn you into a diseased member of their epidemic of complacency and whoredom. These nasty symptoms of free-flowing hatred and negativity are ones that can so easily taint your own mind. Revolt against this faction's pathetic pornography and shatter their closed doors into splinters, exposing their pastime of staying on porches of criticism and enjoying lounge chairs of scorn."

The book doesn't make any sense – deny it if you want to! If the inexplicable ravings of a celebrity are your vibe, feel free to buy Create Rebellion for $7.66 on Amazon. But we reserve the right to say it's a dumb book and that read out loud, each chapter sounds like screams in the night.

Curvy Wife Guy got his lawyer involved, and wrote to us to say he was considering legal action. He identified himself as an "author" (his book is self-published on Amazon) and wrote: "I am writing to inform you that I have contacted my legal counsel concerning potential litigation for defamation, false light, and copyright violation claims against your website "" The website has deliberately and negligently violated my copyright in multiple articles, and has exhibited a pattern of targeted harassment of me and my reputation through a series of articles written by a Mr. Harry Shukman."

"The overall tone and intent of the aforementioned articles serve no purpose other than to effectively defame me to the public at large," he added.

And then came the issue that he said amounted to "defamation and false light." We found numerous Instagram posts he made about black people from before he was famous. He posted photos of a black friend saying his skin was too dark for the camera, that everyone in his Californian college was either "black or Mexican", and that his white friend had just come back from "the hood apartment."

He also uploaded an image where he used the n-word to refer to a black friend. Since publishing that blog about his Instagram posts, he edited all six of his captions to remove references to race.

(He also edited a seventh photo we found where he called his grandpa a "stud" and said they both had "#mormon #swag".)

"my nijja"

Tripp edited the post above, so now it says "my ninja Steve." He originally wrote "my nijja Steve," which as anyone lame enough to read Urban Dictionary knows (correct: the person lame enough is me), is another way of saying "n***a."

Here are some of the other posts he made during his less woke era:


"These things just happen when you come back from the hood apartment lol" #whiteboyawesome




And just while I've got you here:

#mormon #lds #swag

Anyway: the book is bad. Good news is…. he's writing another!!

View this post on Instagram

|| This week I finally submitted my book proposal to my agent (!!!). After five long months, I’ve created a tidy 80 page proposal for a book that I firmly believe I was born to write: how to deal with haters and overcome negativity while chasing your dreams. I doubt many of you know this, but I’ve actually been here once before. Last year I got insanely close to achieving my lifelong dream of getting a book deal from a major publisher… and then it fell through at the last minute. I was subsequently rejected by 12 different publishers, all for different reasons, before having to go back to the drawing board. To be honest, I was hardly disappointed because I believe that what’s meant to happen will happen. If something doesn’t work out, I don’t stress, I just remember that’s not God’s plan for me. There’s no such thing as defeat for someone who refuses to be defeated. Plus, this was all before my Instagram post went viral last year and provided me with an eye-opening experience to say the least. A spark of an idea turned into a flame and now here I am, five months later, feeling GLAD that my first idea didn’t work out so that this one could take center stage. Do I know what will happen with this one? No. As any author will tell you, the publishing game is mercurial and getting a book deal is about as difficult as throwing a dart through the eye of a needle. But I can tell you one thing: I’m damn confident in myself and what I’ve created. And I can’t wait to see what happens. The next several weeks will include me playing the waiting game and hoping that one of these publishers catches the vision of how this book will inspire readers to ignore those who try to bring them down and create their dream life. Thank you to all of you who follow my journey here. It means so much to me. If you have some good vibes to toss my way, now would be the time haha. I’ll keep you updated! Have a great week! ||

A post shared by ROBBIE TRIPP™ (@tripp) on Feb 18, 2018 at 7:32pm PST

Bonus extract for your consideration

"Blitzkrieg the cowardly corporations with your open awareness of their misdeeds. You must make them understand that you are no longer a marionette that is subject to the inconsiderate movements of their wretched wrists. Become a variable, an unquantifiable figure that can't be marginalized into taking any one particular shape."

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