Republicans are burning their Taylor Swift merch after her big political announcement


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Republicans are burning their Taylor Swift merch after her big political announcement

*Laughs in Swiftie*

Are you having a bad day? Of course you are, it's a Monday. I know how to make you feel better, though. Go to the social media platform of your choice and search for any combination of the words "taylor + swift + disappointed." You will be met with a horde of disgruntled conservatives absolutely filling their diapers over being finessed by Taylor Swift.

Even though she's clearly been liberal as hell for years (said on the record she voted for Obama, gave money to gun control organizations, invented gay rights with her smash-hit song Welcome To New York), some real boneheads in her fandom were still convinced she actually votes Republican. Last night, she shut them the hell up for good with a long, thoughtful Instagram post in which she endorses Democrat congressional candidates in Tennessee and uses words like "systemic racism." Oh, and did I mention she did it the day after her North American tour ended? ;)

Finessed 'em

Naturally, this didn't sit well with the Great Value brand Tomi Lahrens of the world, and they took to Twitter and Reddit to complain. They even pulled a Nike and decided to burn the merchandise they already spent money on!

And Taylor, one of the most successful artists of all time, doesn't really give a fuck that a two dozen or so of the millions who bought her album have decided to torch it. She was on Tumblr for about four hours last night liking posts like this one:


Swifties have been mobilized, the cats have gotten in formation, she's giving money to Democrat PACS, Hillary Clinton is like where was this energy two years ago, I'm hopped up on caffeine and excitement, Tennessee is turning blue, and we're all ready for TS7 to drop so Tayliberal SJWift can save our lives once again. Alexa, play I Did Something Bad!