Burger King is a thirsty ‘can I get a hug’ fuccboi


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Burger King is a thirsty ‘can I get a hug’ fuccboi

Burger King can eat my ass

Burger King saw you posted a new picture on Instagram, and liked it within a second. Burger King went back to 2015 to comment “cute haha <3 I dmd you” underneath your selfie. Burger King replied to your tweet saying “please, ma’am, may I have a smidge of coochie? ☺️”

“you’re beautiful, you’re loved, you matter. don’t forget it,” Burger King’s corporate Twitter account said, down on his knees, his eyes wide and shining with tears, his hands outstretched, begging for some coochie ☺️, just a lil, please. Burger King is wearing a fedora in his profile pic, following porn stars on Twitter, replying to you and asking for a hug. Pls? Can someone Venmo him some coochie?

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