Harry Styles got the world’s most perfect nose job, and I can prove it


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Harry Styles got the world’s most perfect nose job, and I can prove it

But when will he rearrange my face?

I think we can all agree Harry Styles is a perfect specimen.

He's great with animals, kids, he loves his family, he’s kind, he gives 110 percent at each show, he wants his fans to feel safe and builds a connections with his audience, he’s just an all around angel. Basically everything he touches and does turns to magic.

And that's why, even though wanting a nose job is not a personality trait, wanting a nose job because Harry Styles got one is definitely a personality trait. Don't believe me he's had one?

How do you explain THIS

First of all, I have no idea who this man is, but he definitely is not the same Harry Styles who once dated an age-inappropriate 23-year-old Taylor Swift.

Again, from the side

Just so you can make sure I'm not lying (we're still in 2010, so stick with me folks).


According to my calculations, this is a completely different nose! Look at how defined and sleek it is.

It's fine! I didn't need my edges!

A side-by-side, for the nonbelievers

And one more time for the folks in the back

And let me just be clear that I do not care, at all. I am simply stating a fact, the way everyone does about celebrities like Bella Hadid or Blake Lively.

I'm a big fan of cosmetic surgery! And if I could afford it, I'd have taken a photo of Harry's new nose to the surgeon a long time ago. Then, all I'd need is a skinty waist, a big bum, a full set of veneers, a nose job, a tan, eyelash extensions and it's over for you hoes!

Sadly, unless Styles himself is willing to fund it, it's not going to happen.

Then again, I'd let Harry Styles punch me in the face and walk away happily with whatever nose I ended up with.

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