Why did Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson break up? An investigation


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Why did Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson break up? An investigation

Let’s be real, this relationship was never going to work out

So Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up this weekend, surprising absolutely nobody. Who would've thought that a whirlwind five-month-long PDA-fueled relationship between an unfunny butthole-eyed corpse-looking dude and a world-famous pop star who was WAY out of his league could've possibly worked out? The question was never if they would break up, but when.

The relationship was doomed from the start, but the breakup was still pretty abrupt. Even though there were many telltale signs that the relationship was headed to disaster (as I speculated in a post on October 9 that turned out to be eerily foreboding), the two of them were still acting sickeningly lovey-dovey on social media up until this weekend.

So why exactly did they break up? Although no one can be sure, it definitely seems like there were some compelling reasons for the two of them to call it quits.

Mac Miller's death on September 7 reportedly left her an 'emotional wreck'


According to TMZ, sources close to Ariana say that Mac Miller's death was the tipping point. After her ex-boyfriend passed away from a fatal overdose, Ariana was reportedly in an "incredibly dark place."

And it certainly looked that way on social media. On September 27, she wrote an emotional string of tweets that made fans very concerned for her well-being. With tweets like "i'm so fucking tired" and "nothing will ever b ok" it definitely seemed like she was going through a tough time after Mac's death.

And apparently, according to TMZ's sources, Ariana came to a few realizations after Mac's unfortunate death — that she couldn't be fully invested in her new relationship with Pete, and that she had rushed into things way too fast by getting engaged after only a month of dating.

TMZ doesn't bring this up, but it also feels worth mentioning that Ariana received a ton of completely unwarranted hate and harassment immediately following Mac's death. People flooded her social media with malicious comments that attempted to blame her for her ex-boyfriend's death. For a girl who was already reeling from the sudden death of someone she clearly cared deeply about, that must've been incredibly painful.

Both Ariana and Pete were on the receiving end of online harassment

But this was not the only time that online trolls would get in the way of their relationship. Earlier this summer, the two of them took a break from social media because they were "tired of being attacked," according to a source close to Ariana who spoke to People.

In particular, Pete caught a lot of flak from Arianators. He often clashed with her fans, who seemed to find some of his comments insensitive and disrespectful.


For example, there was one particularly uncomfortable interaction where he commented "omg what a cutie" on Ariana's photo of herself and her grandfather who had died a few years ago. Her fans took issue with this comment, finding it inappropriate to comment on how "cute" Ariana looks in a photo that is dedicated as a tribute to her grandfather.

"Bro I know she's hot but she's grieving her grandfather," an Ariana fan responded to Pete on Instagram. "Please at least ATTEMPT to show some compassion."

"Are you guys all insane?" Pete replied. "I was talking about how cute her grandpa is. What's wrong with that? You guys will really look for anything to attack people. It's sad."

According to People, Pete found these comments "hurtful" because he's "actually pretty sensitive." As a result, the two of them took a temporary break from social media, with Pete wiping his Instagram account and Ariana turning off her comments.

Aside from mean comments from his girlfriend's fans, Pete also experienced a death threat. "Someone wanted to shoot me in the face because she's so hot," he told Howard Stern in an interview. "Do you know how insane that is? I was like, 'Am I that ugly that people want to shoot me in the face?' They’re like, 'No, fuck this guy,' I’m like, 'What did I do?'"

Pete made a lot of disrespectful and objectifying comments about Ariana

As I outlined in a previous post predicting that the two of them might break up, Pete has made some really uncomfortable and honestly offensive remarks about Ariana since the beginning of their relationship. Ever since they started dating, he would talk about her like she's a trophy that he won.

"I feel like I won a contest," he told Jimmy Fallon. "It's so sick. It's fucking lit, Jimmy. It's so lit." Pete boasted that other men would tip their caps at him and tell him things like, "Yo man, you gave me hope!" He also bragged that his "dick's forever hard" thanks to Ariana.

As time went on, he would go on to say even more disrespectful things about her. "I was jerking off to her before I met her!" he bragged to Howard Stern. He also said that he's "never been prouder" than when former President Bill Clinton stared at her ass while she performed at Aretha Franklin's funeral. Pete also defended the pastor who groped her, saying that he felt sorry for him.

And during an episode of SNL, he made a truly fucked-up "joke" about messing with her birth control. "Last night I switched her birth control with Tic Tacs," he said. "I believe in us and all, but I just want to make sure that she can't go anywhere." Reproductive coercion? Hilarious, Pete!

So honestly, thank GOD they broke up. Like I said last time, Pete Davidson is absolutely trash and he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever except for the 10-inch-dick that he reportedly possesses. I mean, even HE knew that she was too good for him! It was really only a matter of time before she came to her senses and kicked him out of her $16 million Chelsea apartment.

Well, Pete, I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame! Great knowing ya, can't wait to never see your name in headlines ever again.

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