Leaked documents show exactly how sororities secretly reject girls who aren’t hot enough


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Leaked documents show exactly how sororities secretly reject girls who aren’t hot enough

‘She is definitely not pretty enough to be in this chapter’

A top tier sorority's recruitment practices have been revealed after a former recruitment chair became a whistleblower against her old chapter. The ex-member published a document that appears to outline in horrifying detail how sorority management rejects girls ranked ugly and accepted ones considered hot – and even prevented their own sorority sisters from talking to hot recruits if they weren't deemed attractive enough.

The leaked practices confirm what a lot of students already know – that sororities go to insane lengths to block girls they don't consider pretty from joining. The 10,000 word dossier was originally published on a Wix blog, but has since been taken down. It is now available on this Google doc, which is circulating on Greek life forums. The doc is written by a former student who attended the University of Michigan. She said she attended the pseudonymous "Beta Delta" sorority, which has since been identified as Alpha Phi.

In her file, she detailed her srat's techniques for discriminating between 1200 potential new members based on looks. They included spreadsheets ranking freshman girls on a scale of 1-10. For 10, the recruitment chair said the girl would be "ideally beautiful – thin with silky hair, great style, and an appealing face―and therefore we want her in Beta Delta." A 1 would mean: "She is definitely not 'pretty enough' to be in this chapter."

Nowhere in the document is race explicitly mentioned, but nobody can be surprised that this sorority is white as hell, given the stipulations of "silky hair" and everything that means.

A screenshot of the 'external prescores' given to potential recruits, ranked 1-10

Sorority members at 'Beta Delta' would sift through Facebook profiles and write names onto a Google sheet. Maggie from Connecticut got a one, Nicole from New York got an eight, Danielle from Michigan got a one. These would form part of the 'external prescores' given to girls – the whistleblower wrote that sorority members would scour their social media and base their ranking on these four questions:

1. Is she naturally pretty?

2. Does she look like your current sisters?

3. Is she trendy?

4. Would you want to see her in your letters?

"Sifting through Facebook profiles and attributing appearance-based scores to young women on a scale of 1-10 was the most dehumanizing experience I have ever had," said the whistleblower. The natural response to that is surely – try being the one judged by a team of vicious sorority girls you've never even met before. What is dehumanization if not being assigned a number instead of a name? Schmuck.

Still, well done to the whistleblower for coming forward – these practices are completely wild. She said she had to "mindlessly follow orders" and "left [her] humanity at the door" when quizzing girls with questions designed to secretly assess their popularity, hotness and sorority-appropriate behavior. This led to the rejection of interesting girls ranked "4" because they were not pretty enough, and the acceptance of girls ranked "8" even though they had "boring conversation".

According to the doc, potential new sisters would be judged by "Jen from Nationals," who ranked girls as they came through the door. Depending on how hot Jen thought they were, she would write "CG", meaning "could go" ("not bad looking") or "MG," meaning "must go" ("no questions asked".

The whistleblower said she fought back against Jen when she ranked a player on the UMich soccer team a 4, and wrote "MG" by her name. "We finally had the courage to fight back against the superficial corruption that tried to control us, and we made it happen," said the former recruitment chair. "But we only fought for this one because dropping her would have been too great of a risk, and we had to give her a bid in order to save face with the chapter and prevent another uproar."

These practices became especially shocking when used on 'Beta Delta's' own members. Once potential recruits had been ranked, they were invited to the 'Beta Delta' house to meet the sisters who were also ranked by hotness.

The recruitment chair, along with her team, assigned numbers to existing members to ensure "the Beta Delta tens would meet the [Potential New Member] tens. The Beta Delta threes would meet the PNM threes… a PNM with an External Score of eight couldn't be recruited by a Beta Delta with a score of three. We were told that then, maybe, the eight wouldn't want to join Beta Delta, and we couldn't risk that."

Girls in the sorority would be ranked 1-10, and assigned potential recruits to speak to based on their corresponding hotness

Existing 'Beta Delta' sisters who weren't deemed hot were relegated to meeting new girls in the dining room, while hot sisters would be allowed to meet new girls in the living room, a more visible area of the house. Once existing sisters realized they were being prevented from speaking to potential members because they weren't considered hot ("the Dining Room Girls were smart enough to see the truth," the whistleblower wrote), they held a "hateful and tearful meeting…, and our sisterhood would never recover." No shit!

Aside from being hidden in a different area of the house like socially maladjusted Victorian wives, The Dining Room Girls noticed they had been assigned a number that corresponded to their hotness (1-14) – so the recruitment chair replaced numbers with colors (red for sisters deemed ugly, white for sisters deemed hot) to disguise the truth.

In an interview with babe, an anonymous former member of Alpha Phi who attended a different school on the East Coast, confirmed they used the same number-based ranking system to grade potential recruits. While it was less publicized than at UMich, our tipster explained the sorority management would still score girls based on hotness to decide if they should become sisters.

Once the recruitment process at UMich was over, the whistleblower wrote, they made a PowerPoint presentation – each slide contained a photo of the new sister and her name, and it was sent to the fraternities to ogle.

This took place in the academic year 2016-17, and the former recruitment chair claims to have lost sleep over it ever since. She wrote about having bad dreams and waking up in cold sweats after her time putting the deranged ideas of her sorority into action. A painful experience that she wants to atone for is rejecting the popular younger sister of a former member. The younger sister was a legacy admit and had been highly recommended by a past president, but that wasn't enough because she wasn't considered hot enough.

We have approached Alpha Phi's UMich chapter and the national organization for comment, and will update if we hear back.

If you are in this sorority (or another one like it), please email [email protected] to share your story. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

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