Dating dudes over 6 ft is a waste of time — we’re taking short kings for a ride now


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Dating dudes over 6 ft is a waste of time — we’re taking short kings for a ride now

We can finally big spoon

I never got the Pete Davidson appeal until I learned he's 6'2", and immediately I was like, ah yes, I've done all types of stupid shit for that in the past. Basically, Ariana had to learn the hard way we all find out eventually: most guys who we think are funny, and amazing and sexy are actually just…tall.

They're like the Drew Barrymore and Tom Green of our generation. Who else remembers that whirlwind, fairytale marriage that ended up completely not working out? And what height is Tom Green? 6'3".

But can this finally be the year where we stop labeling every man attractive just because he's tall and might want to kill us? I'm still scarred from what I saw in the Last Jedi.

Here's a concept: Don’t fall for a guy just because he’s tall and has large hands!! Exhibit A) Ad*m Dr*ver.

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And don't label someone as powerful (in a good way) just because you can only see his chin. For example, and I'm not saying he won just because he's tall, but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be here if a certain president was 5'6'' is all I'm saying. None of them have absolutely any other valuable attributes. Pull yourselves together!

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All that said, Noah Centineo could throw me off a 10-story building and I’d be ok with it, and it's definitely not just because he’s a generic tall boy who looks like he hasn’t slept in 84 years.

Petition to stop dating spaghetti men who look like baby lemurs! Just a few of the advantages: If he misbehaves you can hide his phone on top of the fridge, you can finally be the big spoon, you can wear his shirt as crop top, and most importantly, you won't look like this when you go out anymore:




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