Happy #NationalNutDay, a wholesome celebration of the humble nut


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Happy #NationalNutDay, a wholesome celebration of the humble nut

Bust it with friends and family on this most auspicious day

Websters' Dictionary defines a nut as "a hard-shelled dry fruit or seed with a separable rind or shell and interior kernel" and I think that's kind of beautiful.

Nuts, as a great low fat source of protein, are often sadly overlooked in our modern fast-paced society. We maybe had a cashew here, a toasted pecan there, but largely we do not pay enough attention to these delicious hard-shelled dry fruits.

So thank you to the bored PR/Marketing genius that came up with today, National Nut Day.

What better day to imbibe the health benefits of our favorite family of legumes? What better day to look over the peanut, walnut, Brazil nut (technically a seed) and pecan and appreciate them for all their glory.

Here are some twitter users united by their love of nuts, tweeting in support of #nationalnutday, completely in the spirit that it was intended: